Wednesday, July 31, 2013

StencilGirl Speckled Eggs, Nests, Incubation and Cracking Open

HI Gang, Corrine here with some nesting going on.  Using Tracy Lyn Huskamp's Eggs, Speckled Stencil S021 today in an eggalicious journal spread.  Now eggs are one of my favorite foods, we eat them all the time. We have pet ducks in our back yard, who nest in the most unusual places, so it was no stretch to create something using this stencil and thinking about nesting. 

Starting with a paint splashed journal page I used pan pastels to fill in the eggs and built my nest around them with torn paper from a recycled, stamped manila envelope from a friend.  Drew in my excitable Mama bird and filled in with paint and glitter glue to make the nest a happy place.
You can see the happy Mama here and below is a close up of the nest itself
Who wouldn't want to hatch in such a happy place?  

Next I worked on the other spread giving a somewhat top down view of a nest and used blue pastels to make robin's eggs.  I painted around the eggs in bright colors to give the illusion of nest materials and thought about nesting, incubating ideas and creations, hatching plans, cracking open in so many ways and soaring out with those ideas on bright wings.  An is a beginning, a birthing of so many things...
Well I hope you enjoyed my little romp through birdland and all the eggalicious possibilities of this stencil.  Watch for more projects all through August as the Creative Team makes magic with StencilGirl stencils.

**Maria here, before you leave.....**
Nathalie Kalbach has a Blog Hop 
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I hear she is giving away a stencil too!


  1. What a great post for this sunshiney day. So bright and fun.

  2. Hatching another great piece today Corrine! Love the glitter in the nest- I want a glitter nest for the birds in my yard. They won't mind if I add to it will they?

  3. So whimsical and fun and colorful! What a great way to start the day....viewing these awesome journal pages you did.Really love how you used the stencil. WOW! TFS :0)

  4. The duck is so cute with its nest of eggs. Thanks for sharing your process.

  5. Wonderful Corrine!!Momma bird looks like she's singing to her sweet eggs! xoxo

  6. Love the colors - and the bird is so cute :)

  7. Corrine, what a fun way to use this speckled egg stencil! You have definitely posed some "new beginnings" thoughts in my head today, and I am inspired. Bravo for both you and StencilGirl!

  8. Love your journal spread Corrine. How could any little birdie not be singing a song in that colorful nest!

  9. I love your speckled eggs Corrine. It is a very happy spread! Great work! Love ya.

  10. What a fun spread! Loving your nest and eggs.

  11. So cute and vibrant. Can't help but feel happy when looking at it.


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