Monday, September 16, 2013

Exploring Book Forms with the Stich a Circle Stencil by Maria McGuire

Hi Gang, it's I am playing with Maria's Stitch a Circle from stencil from StencilGirl and exploring bookmaking forms.  Rather than do a step out of one project, I decided to make four different projects using this stencil to show its versatility in the making of some small books.  I hope you enjoy this post different.

***Beware it is picture intensive*** 

Here is the stencil I used.

Project #1  is a Tri-fold sculptural book form using the stencil painted on paper that doodled upon. The second sheet of paper was overprinted with a gelli plate.

As you can see the two different techniques produced a bold sculptural piece.  The supports are bamboo skewers covered in washi tape. They were then taped to the pages.

Book Project #2 is a scroll book that can be hung on the wall when not in use, or simply kept rolled and tied.
There are graduated pages inside that can be written on like a journal, or used as a studio to do list. I used the stencil in a couple different ways and crimped and inked paper to give the outside interest.

Project #3 is a slit journal
The binding is accomplished by cutting small notches in the paper at either end so that all the sizes fall together in the middle and are tied off simply with twine and decorated with some buttons.  I painted through the stencil on one side of the paper and just painted and used rubber stamps on the other.  Varying front to back made this small journal 4' x 6" more graphic.
This one could easily tuck into a pocket or purse and be great for talking notes or used as a mini-journal.

And finally Project #4 
A simple cereal box 3 ring journal.  I pushed extra heavy gel medium through the stencil to create dimension for the cover and painted and rubbed permanent ink over the top.  Random pages fill the inside to be painted or journaled on later. Who doesn't have a cereal box or two lying around.

Hope you all enjoyed the romp through my book exploration.  I thoroughly enjoyed Maria's stencil and can't wait to try it on other projects.  It has an energizing effect that I just adore.  

Stay tuned for the next great project to pop-up here and keep playing with those stencils. 
I know I will.


  1. Love all your shapes! Cool to see how the stencil looks in so many different colors!

  2. Wow Corrine! These are beautiful!

  3. What amazing and inspiring projects. Love seeing how the different colors in each project bring a different energy to the stencil. Lovely, organic books. You have fired me up today!

  4. Fantabulous!!! Such beautiful books and a huge variety of techniques using this awesome stencil! Congrats, Corrine on a fabulous tutorial!

  5. Geesh, you certainly have been busy and so inspired. This stencil is fun and you've made it 4 times more fun. You are on a roll getting ready for your upcoming art events. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. Fabulous and inspiring, Corrine!
    So prolific and love the variety!

  7. I love them all, so much going on with them...lovely, My favorite is the slit

  8. Thanks for all the sweet comments so far. I love, love, love this stencil as if you can't tell! xox

  9. Love how red stands out, with this stencil. I am just WILD about the cereal box cover, particularly how it looks embossed. Thanks for sharing!

  10. As I told see someone use something you created the way you did...there are no words for it <3

  11. Oh my! These are simply amazingly gorgeous Corrine.

  12. Isn't it amazing how using the same stencil can give such different results when used in different formats? They're all beautiful ideas...which shall I try first???

  13. LOVE the brilliant colors! Gorgeous!


  14. I love handmade books and you have made your books even better here with your creative use of the stencil designs!

  15. Wow! Every project is so gosh darn cool!!You rock my friend! xoxo

  16. I so admire how your brain works, Corrine. Each of your project is truly an original piece of artwork, deserving of high praise. So love you in combination with StencilGirl stencils!!


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