Monday, September 23, 2013

Find Beauty in Your Day

Hi! Kirsten Reed here with quick easy way to add some beauty into your day today using Terri Stegmiller's Layered Salad stencil from StencilGirl Products.

I seriously LOVE this stencil.  I use it ALL. THE. TIME.  It is so versatile and great for adding patterns to paintings and interest to backgrounds.

Today I challenged myself to use this stencil to create a painting ~ and ONLY this stencil.

(1) I took my wooden board covered in tissue paper and a light wash of paint.

(2) I took a mixture of titan buff with a TINY drop of raw umber and spread it on the background with a palette knife.

(3) I sketched out a vase and used raw umber through the rectangular part of the stencil.

(4) Next I took cadmium red and used the swirly part of the stencil to make random flowers .

(5) I used the leafy part of the stencil and dabbed sap green through to make leaves.

(6) I mixed red and white to make a little pink and used the pinwheel part of the stencil to create pink flowers in random places.

(7) I repeated until I was happy with the result.  I then smudged a bit of pink along the bottom to create a shadow.

(8) I used a black pen to define the flowers, leaves and vase.

(9) I scribbled on the bottom ~ "find beauty in your day".

Hope you enjoyed this! For more tutorials and a chance to win some giveaways, hop on over to Kirsten Reed Designs, where I am doing a weeklong "party" to celebrate my new website! See you there!



  1. Love your bouquet....cheered me right up! Love how you used this stencil....I can't wait to play with it, it's hanging up waiting for me right now! xox

    1. Yes, get it out and create something fun! :))

  2. Beautiful work, I love it big time!

  3. beautifully and creatively DONE! I love it, and sweet inspiration for sure!

  4. Love the way you use different parts of the stencil. Great result.

  5. Kirsten, it's stunning! Great job using all of the wonderful design elements in that fantastic stencil!

  6. Great job Kirsten! You just got to love stencils... I do!!

  7. Oh just put a BIG HUGE grin on my face. You had me with your second paragraph. LOL! I so love the creative way you have used this stencil.

  8. VERY creative use of Terri's stencil Kirsten!

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