Monday, November 25, 2013

Decorating Stencil Style

Hi it's Corrine Gilman!
It's holiday time again. Now that I am older and not so bound by convention, I like to mix up my color palette around the holidays and infuse my decorating with some creative spirit.  I adore turquoise, yellow greens and silvers so I decided to use those colors with some stencil to create a decoration for my ficus tree.  We live in a small cottage so we have a small Christmas tree.  Because of that I like to bling up the rest of the house and the ficus tree is a good place to start. I used my 6x6 gelli plate and Lizzie Mayne's stencils Gigi, Half Moon Slant, and Terri Stegmiller's Tire Tracks stencil.

I used metallic pearl paints through some of the stencils to let them have a shiny effect and catch the light at night.  After the paper dried, I made a leaf template using a piece of cardboard and cut out my leaves using the front and reverse of the template so I could glue-stick them together later. These leaves are about 4" x 2" inches.
Here is the stack of leaves waiting to be glued. After they were glued and dry I punched a hole in the top end of each leaf to put some bling yarn through so they could be hung on the ficus.
I washed the edges with a stamp pad and traced through some of the stencils with gelli roll metallic pens to add even more dimension.
This is a simple project, which we all need around this time of year, but one that makes the holidays more personal.  Using stencils is a great way to make your own decorations and gifts, have fun, and enjoy the season.  I might even make a whole bunch of leaves as garland gifties too.
Enjoy creating with StencilGirl!
See you next time!


  1. What a brilliant idea Corrine, your decs look amazing on your tree - superb work as always sweetie.
    Huge hugs x x x x

  2. What a fun Project! Your tree ornaments are beautiful! What a welcoming sight. The leaf garland is a great idea too! xoxo

  3. Love these leaf ornaments, Corrine! Your ficus tree is all decked out and ready for the holidays. Very creative that you glued them back to back to show art from both sides! Perfect use of those great stencils, I might add!!

  4. It looks wonderful Corrine,- I love the beautiful shine they have, and also the way you hang them is so sweet looking, in the little pearls !! A lovely project, and so great to hang them on your ficus !!
    Dorthe, xo

  5. I love this touch to your home. Makes it even more special. All that handmade love.

  6. Love all these lovely patterns in various greens! Very special.

  7. A neat idea Corrine...makes a great Xmas tree

  8. Great idea! Can't wait to bling up my home with my own ornaments! Thank you for the great idea.

  9. Great idea Corrine! Love your colors and they look beautiful on the ficus tree!

  10. I love me some homemade garland and this is pretty !!!
    Thanks for the great tut ! Happy creating and decorating !

  11. Corrine, your leaves are beautiful.

  12. These are really nice. Great colors and super job!
    Ficus trees are fun to have.
    Wonder what the decorations would look
    like in some orange with bling...

  13. I love it! Was just telling my honey a few days ago we need to get a ficus or rubber tree or some other year-round source of living greenness in the house. Your art is always fabaroonie!!

  14. Love your colors and the concept!! brilliant!!


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