StencilGirl® Creative Team

StencilGirl® Creative Team ~ 2019-20


Jennifer Gallagher

Jennifer Gallagher is an artist and art instructor currently living in West Virginia with her husband and two sons. She has been involved in the arts her entire life in one way or another. After studying fashion in college, Jennifer found herself drawn to new art forms and techniques. She now enjoys painting, collage, art journaling, and mixed media. Geometric shapes and patterns are her greatest source of inspiration and joy. 

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Linda Edkins Wyatt

Linda Edkins Wyatt, a mixed media artist living in the heart of New York City, has been making art since childhood. Whenever she was bored, her mother or older sisters would teach her a new skill such as mending, hand and machine stitching, embroidery, crochet, needlepoint or knitting. Her first creative memory was making a doll dress fashioned from an old white sock and trimmed with thick turquoise yarn. 

Linda started her professional art career as a textile designer and print stylist, and later transitioned to layout and graphic design. She enjoys using bits of paper, original fabric scraps, and recycled materials in her journals, collages and paper dolls, and loves creating digital designs, collages, and patterns in Photoshop.

By day, Linda works for NYC Health + Hospitals. Evenings, weekends and holidays she spends painting, journaling, sewing or making unique paper dolls. She also teaches monthly mixed media classes at The Ink Pad NYC in Greenwich Village.

Linda has had artwork and articles published in the books Mixed Media Self Portraits, 1000 Artist Journal Pages, and Quilts and Health. Her mixed media work and art quilts have appeared in the magazines Cloth Paper Scissors, Quilting Arts, and Scott Publications’ Just Mixed Media, Just Swap Art, and Just Steampunk.

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Shel C and Peg Robinson

Shel C is a self-taught mixed media artist with a love of all things paper. 
The focus of her paper obsession shows itself in lots of collage artwork as well as art journaling, card making, bookmaking, and the occasional dimensional art piece.

She is inspired by the shapes and colors surrounding her in the beautiful Sonoran Desert of Arizona. She also is inspired by the many nature scapes she has seen and photographed while traveling.

When not in the studio gluing paper to stuff, Shel spends her time caring for a multigenerational family of six.

Shel has a very active YouTube channel and also collaborates in a weekly live show on YouTube with Peg Robinson. ART Joy of Sharing

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Peg Robinson has pursued multiple creative avenues for many years. She makes things from stuff others throw away and enjoys collage, assemblage, and journaling along with other arts and crafts. Her friends labeled her the craft encyclopedia because when they need to know something about arts/crafts and supplies, they ask her first. 

After retiring from full-time employment Peg has focused on creative pursuits for about five years and settled into an artistic life. As a Helping Hand Artist with DecoArt, she finds great satisfaction in helping others find their own artistic voice. I find art is a true healer and can easily share the spirit of joy that comes from creating.

Peg collaborates in a weekly live show on YouTube with Shel C. ART Joy of Sharing

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Sue Plumb

Sue Plumb comes from the beautiful Glasshouse Mountains in Queensland, Australia where she lives with my hubby Shannon; their three kids - daughter Brielle aged 11, and twin sons Hunter and Kaden aged 6; and our cat, Genghis.

Sue began scrapbooking approximately 10 years ago, shortly after the birth of her daughter. Since that time, her work has evolved from a very simplistic paper-based style, to where it is now - far more artistic and often incorporates bright color, mixed media, and eclectic elements. Besides scrapbook pages, she also enjoys creating artworks on canvas; art journal and traveler's notebooks spreads, and sometimes off the page items and cards. Put simply, Sue just loves to create!  

She is currently on several design teams including Australian manufacturers Cocoa Vanilla Studio and Colour Blast; and US manufacturer Viva Las VegaStamps. I am also a design team member for the Scrap the Girls challenge blog.

She says, "I am a huge fan of StencilGirl® designs and am thrilled to be joining the team. I am SO looking forward to creating and sharing with you this coming year!"

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Claudia Neubacher

Claudia Neubacher lives in Vienna, Austria with her husband, their son, and their much-loved dog girlie, Bluna. She was an art teacher before she became a stay at home mom. Now, she happily paints and crafts away in her studio. 

Claudia has been creating ever since she could first hold a pencil. "Plumps" were the first creatures that filled her drawing sheets and gave me that wonderful feeling of being an almighty "creator." 

She says, "They were nothing more than clumsily drawn circles with added strokes all around that resembled their legs, but to me, they were the first creations that I had breathed life into. And that made me proud and very happy. I still have moments when I feel like that today...they are more seldom, of course...and therefore even more precious to me. Isn't this what being creative really is all about?"

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Dots to Lines ~ Sunila and Aditi

Mother-Daughter team, Sunila Mahajan and Aditi Mahajan are entrepreneurs. As part of Dots to Line, their home decor business, they handcraft home-decor products using techniques of mixed media and decoupage. 

Sunia and Aditi are into paper-crafting, layouts, journaling, album making and scrapbooking. Their style of arts and crafts is a fusion of techniques and use of vibrant colors as they keep learning and try to incorporate variety into their creation.

They aim to spread joy. Documenting memories, especially through scrapbooking, album making. and paper crafting makes them happy. 

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Jill McDowell

Jill McDowell is a college administrator whose creativity was reawakened in 2015. Since then she’s developed a passion for learning, exploring different art genres, experimenting with new techniques, and transforming what she’s learned into her own style. Most evenings and weekends you’ll find her stowed away in her studio creating mixed media projects and playing in her art journal. Jill lives in Connecticut with her husband, Jim, and their two lovable mutts, Tobiwan Kenobi and Penny Lane. 

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Heidi Smith

Heidi Smith is a mixed media painter who enjoys creating work that incorporates texture and touches that are unexpected. She has been artistic since childhood, although it has taken many years for her to feel comfortable sharing her artwork with others. For Heidi, art is a way to escape as well as to open up. She enjoys everything from art journaling to oil painting and is fond of subjects that symbolize friendship, family, and emotion.

Heidi served in the Air Force for seven years and later studied Fine Art with a concentration in painting. Originally from Upstate NY, she now lives in Leesburg, Virginia just outside of Washington, DC with her fiancé Phil, cat LuLu, and Goose the dog.


Behind the Scenes or Out in Front (as needed):

Mary C. Nasser

Mary C. Nasser is an artist and art educator living in the Greater St. Louis Area. She's had over 30 solo shows since 2002 and has been awarded numerous residency opportunities. Since 2007, she has participated in three public art projects in St. Louis, too. Recently, Mary's mixed-media map paintings and interview appeared in Featuring magazine. She is also a contributing artist in the book Stencil Girl by Mary Beth Shaw. 
Learn more about Mary and her mixed-media art on her blog: 

Carol Baxter

Carol Jean Baxter is the product of a delightful childhood filled with the meter of poetry, the warmth of quilts, and the deliciousness of home-baked rolls. 

Among her variety of StencilGirl® responsibilities, Carol manages the Creative Team. 

She's made her living as an office manager, a massage therapist, and as an award-winning reporter and editor. She is a practical joker, listens to a lot of rock and roll music, is an avid science fiction fan, and loves to splash in the sea. 

Recently, she exchanged her glass slippers for dances in the kitchen with the love of her life, quite barefoot. Carol writes from a mountain hamlet with a noisy white cat at her feet and a fat striped cat that fiercely guards her closet full of hats. 

Mary Beth Shaw, Artist & Founder, StencilGirl® Products 

aka Girl Boss

Mary Beth Shaw is author of "Flavor for Mixed Media" and "Stencil Girl", is a columnist for Somerset Studios Magazine and a Golden Artist Educator. She is the founder of StencilGirl® Products, LLC.

Mary Beth worked in the insurance industry for 18 years before she quit her job I 2000 to re-ignite a childhood love of art. Since then, she has spent all her waking hours exploring life as a painter working in mixed media, primarily acrylic, encaustic and collage. She initially put lots in lots of hours as a road gypsy, exhibiting at outdoor art fairs and selling as many as 300 paintings in one very blurry year. She transitioned into being a workshop instructor and finds pleas helping students find their own voice as a painter. She welcomes mistakes because they so often provide a delightful detour into new territory. 

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