Monday, July 6, 2015

Hand Stitch the World with Stencils

Maria popping in here today for TWO reasons....
One, I wanted to show you what I made with the July StencilClub designs, The Sky's the Limit designed by Mary C. Nasser and two I wanted to remind you that tomorrow is a BIG day at StencilGirl!

Let's start with my project....

When I first saw the 9" x 12" stencil I immediately thought stitching lines. All those constellations just were calling out to me to stitch and that is what I did. Here is a little process:

My thoughts were/are that this will turn into a round pillow. I used a dinner plate to trace a 12" circle onto fabric using a Fons & Porter chalk pencil. I love this pencil when working on fabric. As you can see, it left a very light line on this fabric and that was exactly what I wanted. Next up was to trace the stencil, I decided to only do the northern hemisphere as the other two designs I used in some Art Journal layouts I'll be showing soon. I decided to add in images from two other of Mary's stencils--

For this I used a Pilot Point Frixion pen. I also love these for drawing designs to hand embroider. After I am done with my project, I can iron the back and the heat automatically makes the design go away.

Here are a few close-ups during the stitching process and how the pen looks on the material.

It was really an easy project. Just some simple stitches: back stitch, stem stitch, french knots and a filling stitch. The hard part for me is what to do with it next. Of course I want it to become a pillow and already have the pillow form, but actually making that come into reality may still take me a bit. One thing you can bet on, this will be sent off to my friend Mary at some point :)

So...what was that other thing I wanted to talk about today???! 
Tomorrow is Mary Beth's Birthday!
We are going to celebrate!
Here is a little sneak peek!
Hope to see you there!

Friday, July 3, 2015

July Stencil Club Sci Fi style

Carolyn Dube here....A star chart, a funky world, and orbits!  Mary C. Nasser's designs for this month's StencilClub spoke to my inner sci-fi nerd.  

I started by just doing a sloppy stencil job with acrylic paints.  It's on there pretty heavy and took forever to dry but once it did, I had texture.  

After I let it dry, which was my exercise in patience for the day, I kept adding more layers of color. 

That 4x4 couldn't be left out so the orbits and the orange paint finished up my trio of circular things.  

What's an art journal page without a bit of journaling...I added a bit of sci-fi speak here in an alien language from Stargate SG-1. I can't really speak or write it but since nobody can read my writing (including me) I can pretend it is anything I want!  Thanks Mary for making my inner nerd so happy!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Embroidery with Road Trip stencils

by June Pfaff Daley

So I set the brush and paint aside for a day or two and picked up a needle and floss. I had a bunch of smallish (4") wood embroidery hoops in my stash just waiting for the perfect project. With the release of my new state stencils a.k.a. Road Trip USA, I decided to make personalized gifts (likely for Christmas...whoa way ahead this year!) for friends and family. If it's not obvious, the little heart on each represents approximately where the home towns of my loved ones are located in their states. This project is so simple with just a few materials needed.

4"  hoop
black and red floss
6" x 6" piece of cross stitch fabric
fabric pencil

1. Lightly stencil the state of choice in roughly the middle of the fabric with a fabric or regular pencil. Stencil the heart to mark the approximate location of the city. Handwrite the word "home".

Note: I talked about why I designed the state stencils as I did back in this post, but here is a great example to explain further. For the smaller states like Vermont, I provided them in scale to larger states in the collection like Texas, but also at 200%. I provided 200% for the tiny states so the stencil would function well if you wanted to do a stand alone project like this one. However, I also have used Vermont at 100% when painting the entire USA as scaled to the largest states.

2. Here you can see how I stitched the project. I used a backstitch for the black outline of the state and for the red word "home". For the heart, I stitched out from the center of the shape.

3. I added a bow on the one above to show how the project could be "dressed up" for the Christmas tree or just as an extra special touch. However...

...I am also partial to the minimalist approach, sans bow. I used clear fishing line so the hoop could be hung on a wall, a tree or wherever you please.

These don't take long to create and make fabulous homemade, personalized gifts for Christmas, housewarmings, or hostess gifts in general. Enjoy!
June Pfaff Daley is a mixed media artist who creates with everything from wood to fabric. She enjoys transforming thrift store treasures and favors whimsical motifs. June resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with three fantastic kids, one supportive husband, a darling dog and a charming cat. Visit her website:

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Reveal of the July 2015 StencilClub Stencils from StencilGirl Designed by Mary C. Nasser

It is the 1st of the month and you know what that means!!!!
Time to reveal our EXCLUSIVE 
July 2015 StencilClub stencils from StencilGirl!
The Sky's the Limit
designed by......

Here is Mary and Mary Beth to tell you a little about the stencils!

Watch the video on YouTube

Click over to Mary's blog and she will show you some examples of how she used them.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mixed Media Portrait with StencilGirl Guest Artist Annie Hamman

Welcome to StencilGirl Guest Artist Annie Hamman!!!

Dear friend! My name is Annie Hamman, I am a mixed-media artist and a professional filming editor from South Africa and I made a video creating this mixed-media artwork using StencilGirl products:

The 4 minute intro video below tells a little about me and what I am up to. I'll then show you another video with my step-by-step process.

Stencil Girl Products Intro from Annie Hamman on Vimeo.
**To the viewer not familiar with Vimeo. If you have trouble viewing, try to switch off HD (high definition) button in the bottom right corner. Second solution that helps me is to open old fashioned Internet Explorer browser, it supports Vimeo with no problem, while Chrome browser gives me lots of problems.

This is 28 minutes video showing my step by step process, which was edited, tightly cut and fast forwarded for easy viewing:

Stencil Girl Products Annie Hamman from Annie Hamman on Vimeo.

Supply List:
My color palette  is Carbon Black, Prussian Blue, Middle Grey, Raw Umber, Transparent Pyrrole Red (can be substituted for Mars or Ivory Black, Pthalo blue or Paynes Grey, Napthol Red or Cadmium Red Medium):

Various collage pieces.

Found objects stamps.

Titanium white (any brand), filbert brushes in variety of sizes and brands (cheap ones), a stick - to scratch into wet paint (I use found porcupine needle), any black watersoluble pencil (I use Derwent Watercolor in Ivory Black):

Initial background that I started on is 300lbs hot pressed watercolour paper, painted with a mixture of black, blue and white:

Stencils used to make background: Stepping Stone #1, Grid A1,  Blades, and Picket Fences:

 Stencils used for girl’s dress and wing: Chevron Doily Mask and Web.

I hope you enjoyed watching the video and inspired to create something amazing. Feel free to become my friend on Facebook, I love meeting new artists. All the best in your creative journey! Annie.

To see more of Annie's work: WebsiteInstagramFacebook

Monday, June 29, 2015

Art Journaling with StencilGirl Guest Designer Frieda Oxenham

Welcome StencilGirl Guest Designer Frieda Oxenham!!!

It’s such a pleasure to be back here guest designing with some gorgeous StencilGirl stencils and I’ve made some hot coloured pages for you. Hopefully that will be reflected in the weather outside! I have used Liquitex ink sprays (my newest favourite art supply!) but you can use what you have.  Just make sure it’s a permanent spray you use. This spread ended up quite different from what I originally envisioned. The music text and score was just going to be part of the background collage but instead I liked it so much that it became one of the focal points of the page. I often change course like this in the middle of my journal pages. It’s good to be flexible and open to opportunities when they present themselves. Let's get started.

1.  Gesso your pages. I'm making a spread in my Dylusions journal. I already had some colour on the pages from where I put the leftovers from other pages and it all addes to the layers. 

2.  Using Inktense blocks, rub the colour on the pages and then use a brush to make the colours pop to life. Once dry the colours become permanent.

3.  Using black a Archival ink pad, stamp on text. I used a stamp by Anna Griffon. 

4.  Using the Inky Circles stencil, white acrylic paint and a brush, add white circles over the entire background.

5.  Scrape over some lemon-yellow acrylic paint using an old credit card. 

6.  Using Liquitex spray paint (medium magenta) and the Deconstructed Bold Lily mask and stencil, spray on flowers as shown.

7.  Using Liquitex spray paint (cadmium red medium) and using the mask of the same stencil, spray the inside of the flower.

8.  Let dry very well. Using stencils and mask as a guideline, outline the flowers with white marker. 

9.  Using a fashion image from a magazine, glue it (using matte medium) into position. 

10.  Glue on other collage elements such as dressmaker's pattern paper, vintage cottage image, black/white patterned paper as well as music sheet and text and integrate into the page using lemon yellow and red acrylic as well as gesso. Collage over the fashion figure's outfit.

11. Use Inktense watercolour pencils activated by water to colour in figure (I used crimson and poppy red.

12. Made a stencils of the figure out of newspaper, put it around the figure and using the Inky Circles stencil sprayed with Perfect Pearls Mist colour Sunflower Sparkle (loveley name but they mean gold!). Clean off that gold left on the stencil on the opposite page (you don't want to waste this!)

13. Outline the figure with black Stabiolo All pencil.

14. Using water and soluble oil pastels, outline some of the circles in the background and rub the colour around with your fingers or a slightly wet brush.

15.  Rub the edges of the pages with a gold ink pad.

Here are some detail shots...

(c) Frieda Oxenham May 2015. To see more of Frieda's work, visit her BLOG.

Stencils Used: