Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Lisa Dobry: Dance of Time

Hello, I’m Lisa Dobry.
I am thrilled to be the Guest Designer today on StencilGirl Talk and share with you, A Dance in Time.

This mixed media piece was created on an 18" x 24" paper.
I’ve created a video which shares my thoughts along with the creative process behind this piece, A Dance In Time. The video will show each phase of the piece, as well as, modifications of both the Vintage Script and Opera House Empress so you can “Go Big” and maintain proportionate sizing for all the included elements. 

As stated in the video, Behind the Mask by Pam Carriker became a prominent symbol in my struggle to complete this project. During the brainstorming process, I finished with 3 other layouts that I will likely return to and create additional pieces using this stencil. Even though it wasn’t initially on my radar, it has become one of my favorites.  On many different levels, this stencil is incredibly symbolic to me. I sincerely hope you enjoy the video as well as the piece.
A Dance in Time was created using the following StencilGirl stencils:
Other supplies used:
·         12x14 Gelli Plate
·         Soft rubber Brayer
·         18x24 Mixed Media Paper (gesso prior)
·         Acrylic Paint:
o   Golden Fluid: Paynes Gray, Micaceous Iron Oxide, Van Dyke Brown,  Titan Buff
o   Dina Wakley Heavy Body, Penny
·         Pan Pastels:
o   Bright Pink, White, Brown
·         Faber Castell Pitt Pastel Pencil in brown and black
·         Sheet of music
·         Page from old book
·         Gel Medium
·         Exacto Knife
·         Cosmetic sponges
Artist Statement:
Although it’s an ongoing process, I have grown exponentially in the last year. I have found a freedom to create simply because it’s fun to play with paint and stencils. I worry less about whether it’s going to be good when it’s finished, and that has been very powerful and freeing. I am braver, apologize less for my work and take more risks because of it.
What I want most to leave you with today, is the idea that art is a journey. We are all in different spots of that journey, just as we are in different places of the world and in our lives. Learn new things and strive to be stronger in your work, but don’t let that out prioritize your love of creating, your childlike playtime, and your sense of freedom and expression. It doesn’t always have to be great art; it just has to be authentically you in that moment.
Thank you for being here today and walking along side of me in this “Dance of Time.”

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Love Book, made with stencils on gelli printed paper, by Marleen van Meerendonk

Hello StencilGirl fans!!
Marleen here with a project from my heart ♥
I was totally inspired by stencils from  Jessica Sporn.

I made a cute little mini-book with photos from the love of my life.

First of all I made many backgrounds with my GelliArts printing plate.
Then I used the Hearts, Flowers and More stencil to add a nice layer on my backgrounds.

Don't print the whole page but use parts of it.
Don't you get happy from these colors!?
Add hearts on your pages with the Seven Hearts Stencil.
After it is all dry, you cut hearts in the same shapes.
Doodle with a white fine-liner around the hearts and photos.
Spray a ribbon with some bright inks.
Add a binding ring to the pages and add the ribbons.

There are many more pages!

I used these amazing stencils from Jessica Sporn:

I hope you are inspired again ;)
More inspiration on my BLOGFacebook and YouTube channel.

Have a creative day!
Marleen xx

Monday, July 25, 2016

Gwen's Gems - Stenciled Art Journal Background

Hi everyone, it's Gwen back again with the July installment of Gwen's Gems! I've been trying to get back more to working in my art journal, so this month I thought it would be fun to share a stenciled art journal background.

Here's my finished art journal spread, and below is a short little tutorial to show you how I made it.

Ready to make a background? For this one I used a handmade art journal, a vintage sewing pattern, acrylic paints, and my Ornamental Circle Cluster stencil.

To start, I gesso'd the background, then adhered a few large pieces of my pattern with matte medium.

Next I decided on my color palette - I went for greens and yellows for the first layer of paint and just started adding them and blending until I was happy with how it looked.

Once that was done and dry, I took my stencil out and used blue heavy body paint (Holbein Compose Blue #1) and a stuff bristled brush and  started stenciling the image. I just rotated the stencil every other column to get a different pattern. I thought it would be cool to have kind of a fade-out effect, so as I got toward the left side of the spread, I just used less and less paint.

I thought this looked pretty cool already, but you know me... I need to add more!

I got out some water soluble crayons and a water brush and started adding some color into the circle areas (I've mentioned it before, but I like to design my stencils with the idea of coloring them in.)

You might be able to see a few spots of different colors added into the photo above - I grabbed some dried paint off of my palette and stuck it down on the page for some added color and texture (I cover them with a coat of matte medium to make sure they stick.)

To kind of tone things down and add another dimension, I took a cheap bristle brush and started to scrub in a bit of white paint here and there. I really love how this changed the whole thing.

Voila! The background is finished. Of course, you could stop at any point along the way if you're happy with it, but I was very glad I kept going until this point.

Once the background was done, it was time to do something with it! I was really feeling collage for some reason, so I just started pulling out images. I don't usually start with a theme in mind, I just grab what speaks to me. In the end, it usually ends up having something to do with whatever's on my mind... sometimes it's not even something I'm consciously thinking of. I'm sure I'm not alone in that :)

I started by layering my collage elements with some stenciling - I used the Numbers stencil by Seth Apter as part of the collage. I also used some heat embossed and cut out pieces from my Ornamental Peacock Feathers stencil and tucked those in on one side. Then I used Seth's You Got This stencil to add the title. I have to admit, I thought I was pretty clever putting "this" on the pillar my collage guy was lifting... lol.

Of course, I finished with a bit of journaling. 

It was great to get back to working in my art journal - I had a lot of fun putting this spread together, and I hope you enjoyed it!

Until next time, happy stenciling!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

StencilGirl & Imagine Blog Hop – Day 3!

Welcome to Day THREE – the FINAL DAY of
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Welcome to the last day of the Imagine & StencilGirl Blog Hop!
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Friday, July 22, 2016

Scrapbooking with DIY Background Paper

Scrapbook with DIY background paper
This is Brigitta Budahazi here again. Hope you will like my new tutorial here on StencilGirl Talk. In this post I will show you how to build up a DIY background paper made of several layers for a scrapbook page using your StencilGirl stencils. So, here we go!
Stencils I used: Carolyn Dube’s Wall of Words Stencil, Traci Bautista’s Tropical Floral Stencil
1.                  First I permanently fixed the paper (a 13” x 13” lightweight paper) with washi tape to my desk. You can use Scotch tape or masking tape as well, but it is very important to secure your paper all along of its four edges when you are making DIY paper with mixed media technique. If you do this way, despite of the moisture of the medium you put on during the creative process, when the layers dried completely, your paper will be plain again.
2.                  Using the Wall of Words Stencil and mist spray in black color, I made a text pattern along the edges. I placed the stencil in a small angle and tried to keep that angle during this process.
3.                  For the second layer I used the Tropical Floral Stencil and another mist spray in vanilla color. I stenciled the small dotted parts here and there. Be careful and wait until your first layer dries – you can see, I was a bit impatient, ha-ha.
4.                  Then I wanted to achieve some light texture on my paper. I love the impact of textured layers to the other colored mediums I put on later. So, using white gesso and the Tropical Floral Stencil again I made these bark-like areas.
5.                  Then came the fourth layer: some misted parts -  I used a mist spray again in ginger color.
6.                  Next I wanted to use some special medium. I’ve felt I needed bold color or some texture again. So, I have decided to use oil pastels! When you color with it, it’s smooth but makes a great contrast what I like so much on my creations! So I colored some areas of my paper, which already had a really exciting surface!
7.                  At this time I have realized that I needed more contrast and more color! So I took a dye ink pad in mandarine color and “stamp” with it directly through the Tropical Floral Stencil to the paper. So then I got some beautiful tropical flowers and some dots in a great shade of color!
8.                 Here you can see the finished background paper. Which, after it was completely dried, I detached from the desk. Finally I wrapped a 12”x12”chipboard with the paper, so my DIY background was ready, yay!
9.                  Then I finished my scrapbook layout.  Using some Sizzix dies and black cardstock, some sequins (you don’t want to know how long it takes to sew a 24” long row of sequins ha-ha), two layers of color cardstock and my favorite portrait of my last summer holiday.

Here you can see the finished project and some close-ups.

Hope you like my project and try this technique in the future! Thank you so much for the opportunity. I am so glad and proud that I could share my tips with you, here on StencilGirl Talk. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding this project. You can contact me through my blog or on Facebook.
Hello, from Hungary,
Brigitta Budahazi aka Gigi :)