Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Canvas Bookmarks with StencilGirl Stencils!

Hi! Patter Cross here. I am so excited to share a tutorial with you today! Today we'll be making Canvas Bookmarks. I have been making Canvas Bookmarks since about 2011. I love them. The ones I am currently using have held up for the past 5 years, and they are still going strong. But it is definitely time for something new and fun so I thought I would use my favorite StencilGirl stencils and show you how I make them. But first, let me answer the question “Who really still uses a bookmark?” For me, I still read real books along with my Kindle. I also use one in my planner, my Bible, my journals, etc. In my planner, I like to find the current week with this pretty canvas bookmark instead of a plastic marker. Also, my college girls love them for their textbooks, planners, and notebooks. They also make great gifts. Now let’s make a few.

Supply List
Fabric: Canvas Home Basics canvas fabric sheet
Stamps: Stampin' Around Nursery Letters, old plastic lids Gesso
Paints: Daler Rowney FW acrylic artist ink fluorescent orange and fluorescent pink, Tim Holtz Distress paint squeezed lemonade, Dina Wakley heavy body acrylic paint lime, Americana desert turquoise, Golden Fluid Acrylic Paynes gray, Apple Barrel white and key west
Tools: Golden gesso, used gift certificate or hotel key, Pigma Micron 05 and 08 pens, Scotch Guard, Glossy Accents, magnets, sewing machine with black thread

Step 1: Cut a 10”x10” piece of canvas and cover one side with gesso. Let dry.
Over the years I have found that it is much easier to apply gesso with an old gift card instead of a paintbrush.
It goes on super fast and applies a nice layer if  you use a gift card or hotel room key.
Step 2: Begin adding layers of mist and acrylic paint using various StencilGirl stencils.
Here I started with a mist using the Puddles stencil.
Step 3: Continue adding layers of mist and acrylic paint.
Also use old lids to add white paint and a contrast color to add circles to the canvas.
At this point, I have now used Love Collage, Playful Bloom, Puddles, Inky Circles,
Imaginary Bloom, and Illegible stencils. 
Step 4: Finish the layers when you like how the overall canvas looks.
Also add splatters to the canvas if desired.

Step 5: Begin outlining random images with Pigma Micron 05 and 08 pens.
You can see below how I outlined the flowers.
Step 6: Lightly spray with Scotch Guard if desired, and let dry.

Step 7: Before cutting my fabric into pieces, I like to square up the edges. I make sure they are super straight. Once all four edges are straight, cut your dry, painted canvas into 1 1/2” x 6 1/2” pieces.
You should get about 6-7 of those. Then you will have a leftover section at the bottom.
Cut those into 1 1/2” x 3 1/2” pieces. You will get about 6-7 of those giving you 12-14 bookmarks.
The number will vary depending on how much canvas you had to cut off when straightening the edges.
Step 8: Using your sewing machine and any thread you choose, sew "messy" around the edge of each bookmark. I use a straight stitch and go back and forth until I have gone around the entire bookmark.
Here you can see the messy stitching along with a close-up photo.
I also like to leave the strings instead of cutting them but that is personal preference.
Step 9: Fold each bookmark in half and “messy sew” again across the fold. I usually sew about ¼” in from the folded edge but you could go larger (even ½”). That is the amount that will stick up out of the book.
Step 10: Using your favorite liquid glue, glue magnets to the inside bottom of each bookmark. I prefer using Glossy Accents. Sometimes I cut small pieces of magnet from a roll and other times I use magnetic discs.
Let dry overnight. 
Now your bookmarks are ready to be used or given away!
Thank you so much for the opportunity to share here on Stencil Talk!
Feel free to join me on my blog at Triple the Scraps or on Instagram.
Patter Cross

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Marleen's Stenciled and Stitched Trousers

Hello StencilGirls fans! Marleen here with a new blogpost, painting on clothes.
Well I was excited because I decided to make my own trousers and using stencils on it.
If it would not work.... pfff I had to through my trousers in the trashcan. 
But luckely that didn't happen!

I used many stencils:

First wash your fabric before painting, the paint will better attach to the fabric.
Stitch half a leg. Paint the flowers on a separate piece of fabric. 
 There was missing a little extra... 
 ... so use a March '16 Club Stencil to paint directly on the trousers.
 Then add some extra color using with these lovely stencils from Terri Stegmiller.
 Stitch the flowers and add some decorative stitches.

After drying finish sewing the trousers.

Add some extra scrap ribbons and I felted a belt in the same colors.

More inspiration on my BLOGFacebook and YouTube channel.

Have a creative day!
Marleen xx

Monday, October 24, 2016

Stenciled Holiday Ornaments

Stenciled Shimmer Sheetz Holiday Ornaments
by Judi Kauffman for StencilGirl Products
It’s so much fun mixing my favorite StencilGirl Products stencils with Shimmer Sheetz, a durable, sparkly surface! This time, I’ve used the combo for Christmas and Chanukah ornaments. As always, my color combination is offbeat, but yours can be traditional.
I love making flat holiday ornaments because they can be mailed in an envelope for standard postage. They can be tucked into a card or sent instead of one. Smaller ornaments make great gift tags, too. I used ornament-shaped dies from several companies to do the cutting but you could hand-cut yours if you prefer. A quick Internet search will yield many free patterns and a simple circle or star will work just fine.
The key to all of the stenciling I did on the ornaments is to pretend that your eye is a camera with a zoom lens. Zero in on portions of the patterns. By using this ‘trick’ you can make holiday ornaments with stencils that aren’t holiday designs.

I used five different stencils, two of them with elegant and easy to recognize patterns – Lacy Lotus and Paisley Floral. But you might have a harder time guessing what I used for the others! For example, the Star of David ornaments include sections from the 9 x 12 Clustered Leaves stencil and when you look closely at the other ornaments portions of Journaling Left Hand and Rolls will magically appear.


All ornaments are a double layer of Shimmer Sheetz for extra stability. One-layer ornaments are another option.

1. Choose your favorite Shimmer Sheetz color for the front of the ornaments and back a 5” x 12” piece of that color with double-sided adhesive sheet. Add a second piece in the same color or in a contrasting color for the back side of the ornaments. Shown – Turquoise Gemstone on the front, not shown – Black Iridescent for the back.) Front and back can match; you can stencil both sides so there isn’t a difference between front and back. NOTE: For smaller ornaments you can use smaller pieces of Shimmer Sheetz like the 4” x 5” size sheets that come in the ‘sampler’ packs.

2. Die cut the ornament shapes, making sure that the cutting blade of the die is facing the color you’ve selected for the front of the ornaments. NOTE: Standard cutting dies (AccuCut, Ellison) or Sizzix Bigz cut Shimmer Sheetz like butter, but if you are using thin dies you MUST use a metal adaptor plate or the Sizzix Big Shot with Precision Base Plate when cutting. Please review the Elizabeth Craft Designs YouTube video tutorial if you are new to this technique.
3. Protect your work surface and put on latex gloves if you just had a manicure – alcohol inks are permanent and can stain furniture and your hands. Use alcohol inks and an ink applicator tool to alter the surface of the Shimmer Sheetz. It doesn’t matter if some of the ink gets onto the cap portion of the ornament. Shown – Denim, Plum, Gold Metallic. NOTE: I used non-traditional colors, but Shimmer Sheetz comes in Red Iridescent, Emerald, Ruby and Imperial Garnet Gemstone as well as Red, Green, Gold and Green Metallic so you can create ornaments that are much less offbeat!
4. Use acrylic paint and a stencil brush to add pattern to the ornaments. NOTE: Move the stencil over the ornament until you see the portion of the pattern that looks just right! If you don’t want to commit to a design until you’re certain, cut extra ornaments out of cardstock and practice on those.

5. Paint the ornament cap with a gold or silver paint pen.

6. Optional: Embellish the ornament cap with gold border peel-offs. Highlight the ornaments with Glitter Dots peel-offs as shown on the two below
7. If a hole is needed, use an awl to pierce one. Add ribbon or cord for a hanging loop.

Here are more photos to help kick start your projects:

StencilGirl Products Stencils –

Elizabeth Craft Designs –
Shimmer Sheetz in Turquoise Gemstone, Black Iridescent (or color/s of choice)
Peel-off stickers 1276 in Gold, 7018 in Violet

Ornament dies –
Elizabeth Craft Designs*
Stampin’ Up!*
*See note in step 2

Other –
Alcohol inks in two or more colors plus gold metallic
Ink applicator tool
Sakura PenTouch paint pen in Gold
Stencil brush
DecoArt Americana Acrylics in Champagne Gold and Sea Breeze
Narrow ribbon, metallic cord

Friday, October 21, 2016

Stenciled Gift Bag

Turn a paper bag to an elegant gift bag!
October is an important month in our family. We are celebrating my mother’s birthday. This time I will put my present into this decorated gift bag which I have created from a simple paper bag. This is a super easy project. You will need only a few supplies and a little trick with a beautiful stencil, but in the end, it will turn out into an elegant gift bag. Let me show you the process itself step-by-step. Let’s get started!
Stencils I used: Terri Stegmiller’s Stepping Stone #1 Stencil
1.                  For this project I used the following supplies: a brown paper bag, scrap paper, cardstock (brown, pink and mauve), Sharpie/paint markers (pink and mauve), contour liner acrylic paint (sparkling gold), glue, ultrafine glitter (brown), glitter tape, organza ribbon and some rhinestones (brown).
2.                 First, it is important to attach the stencil to the cardstock temporarily, since at the end you want to achieve precise results. I used some washi tape for this. Then use water based glue (for the protection of your beautiful stencil) and cover the pattern of the stencil with glue – I used an old plastic card at this step. I suggest you to work quickly and prepare some lukewarm water in the sink in advance so you can clean your stencil immediately after you used it.
3.                 After you have removed your stencil and the washi tape, quickly pour ultrafine glitter onto the pattern and let it dry. Wash your stencil before the glue dries on it.
4.                 When the glue is completely dried, trace the pattern of the stencil using the Sharpies and the gold contour liner acrylic paint. Let them dry.
5.                  Use some glitter tape and organza ribbon and wrap them around the layered paper scraps. Trace and cut some flower patterns of the stencil from cardstock and glue them onto the bag. To make it more elegant you can put some rhinestones into the middle of the flowers.

6.                  For the final step doodle leafy branches around the main part – use the pattern of the Stepping Stone stencil as an inspiration.

Here you can see the finished project and some close-ups:
Hope you liked my project and will try these techniques in the future! Thank you so much for the opportunity. I am so glad and proud that I could share my tips with you, here on StencilGirlTalk. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding this project. You can contact me through my blog or on Facebook.

Hello, from Hungary,
Brigitta Budahazi aka Gigi :)