Tuesday, November 25, 2014


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Monday, November 24, 2014

StenDoodle A Necklace or Ornament for the Holidays!

Hello everyone.  Today's project has been brooding in my head for weeks now and it feels great to finally get it out!  

This project was inspired by a necklace I saw when I was at The Ink Pad, during my recent trip to NY.  It was made by Georgia L., one of their customers, and was hanging behind the register.  As soon as I saw that bezel, I knew that it was also made for a StenDoodle.

Hopefully Georgia will see this post and see how her work inspired me. 

The inspriation for this project.  An altered necklace with clock parts
made by Georgia L., hanging at The Ink Pad in NYC.

Step by Step:

1.  Die cut the hearts.  If you do not own a die cut machine, trace the inside of the die and cut out with scissors.

2.  Using various stencils from StencilGirl Products, StenDoodle your design and color with the Sharpie markers.  I then distress the edges with either Vintage Photo or Old Paper Distress ink to blend the edges. 

Below are a few samples of what I made. After I colored, I went back and adhered some crystals. 

Stencils used above: 

Lower left heart - Net, S129, by Mary Beth Shaw.

3.  Now you need to adhere the pieces to the inside of the hearts.  Apply Gel Medium to the inside of the heart and the back side of the StenDoodled design.  Place the StenDoodled design inside the heart and smooth out to remove any air bubbles. Then apply a coat of Gel Medium to the front of the StenDoodled design.  Allow to dry. Apply at least 3 coats to insure that the piece is sealed well.

4.  Now to fill the hearts with either a real resin or a faux resin, such as Glossy Accents or Diamond Glaze.  For the large piece I used Ice Resin and for the smaller piece I used Glossy Accents.  Some people have a fear of resin but I have to tell you, it is a very simple process and looks fantastic when done. 

If you decide to use a resin, follow the directions on the package you are using, since you have to mix the two parts correctly.  

If you are using a faux resin such as Glossy Accents or Diamond Glaze, just fill the heart and pop any air bubbles that might form. After it has fully dried, it will have settled and you will have to go back and add a bit more of the resin over what has dried.

After any air bubbles are popped, I sprinkled a bit of red and gold glass glitter on top. Then I placed on the side, covered them with box to make sure no dust settles on the pieces, and allowed them to dry for at least 12 to 24 hours.  

The glossy accents has a cloudy look until it has fully dried.  Then it will be clear.  The Ice Resin will sit clear on your piece and will also dry clear.

Hope you enjoyed this project.  It really is a very easy project to do and I hope you guys jump into using resin!

Hugs from Brasil - 


Supplies Used:

Various 6" x 6" stencils from StencilGirl Products
Fine Tip Permanent Marker (I used a Copic Multiliner 0.5)
Sharpie fine tip markers
Gel Medium 
Ice Resin or Glossy Accents
Red and Gold Crushed Glass Glitter by Stampendous
Old Paper or Vintage Photo Distress Ink w/Applicator
Die cut machine (optional)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Stencil Your Way to a Basket of Blessings!

Hi everyone, it's Gwen here today to share with you a new project that I did recently to help celebrate Thanksgiving in my home. I'm calling it my Thanksgiving Basket of Blessings! It's a little bit more cutesy than my usual projects, but I just couldn't resist making this fun little turkey to preside over my "basket."

I started off making his feathers. For this, I picked two shades of brown cardstock. On the darker cardstock, I used a white pencil to trace part of the design from Nathalie Kalbach's Art Deco Wallpaper stencil.
Then, I used a sharp x-acto knife to cut out the designs (After a little experimenting, I found that the easiest way for me was to cut the designs out before cutting out the feather shape so I didn't have to tape them to my glass mat.)
On the lighter cardstock, I used parts of the Feathers and Lattice stencil by Daniella Woolf. Here you can see all seven of my feathers with the designs cut out.
Next I picked seven pieces of scrap patterned paper in different colors (I tried to pick subtle patterns that would look okay through the openings in the feathers) and glued them onto the backs of my cut out pieces and then trimmed.
And Voila! Turkey feathers!

To complete my turkey, I cut some circles, legs, and a beak and put together the body.

To tie in the feather motif a bit more, I added in some more stenciling using the Falling Feathers stencil by Lizzie Mayne along with some brown Archival Ink. Then I adhered my cut-out feathers to the back with my tape runner.
To finish, I got a clean fruit container I'd saved from the grocery store and taped a stick to the back of my turkey so that he would stand up - the stick slides to the outside of the container while his legs go on the inside. And for the container - my "bucket," I made up slips of paper using a stamp set I had handy - one slip for every day of the month.
Then I wrote down a blessing in my life or something I'm grateful for on a slip for every day of the month so far, and I'll keep writing something every day for the rest of the month.
When I finished them, I folded them all in half and put them in my little basket. Any time I start to get stressed, frustrated, or need any kind of pick me up, I can pull out a random blessing and be reminded of how much I have to be grateful for. I've found that it never fails to make me feel better and give me a little lift.
That's my project for today, I hope you enjoyed it! And if you do something similar, please make sure to come back and share! If you want to try making your own little turkey, I made up a pattern for the one I made that you can save and print out at home if you'd like.

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating!

Gwen Lafleur

Thursday, November 20, 2014

NEW from Pam Carriker and StencilGirl

Did you see the announcement last week? 
NEW stencils from Pam Carriker and StencilGirl
These are just going to blow your mind! 
You have to see how Pam uses them and guess what??!! 
She is here today to show you!
Take it away PAM!!!!!

Head on over to Pam's Blog today.....we hear that she might just have a GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

StencilGirl Guest Designer Maryjo McGraw

Welcome to StencilGirl Guest Designer
Maryjo McGraw!!!!

Any of you that know me, know that I am a texture FREAK! 
Stencils help me create incredible texture fast and with just a few products. Today I will be using StencilGirl Stencils, Mixed Media paper from Strathmore, Alcohol pens (like Copic & Sharpie) Pitt Pens, Dylusion Sprays and Montana Spray paint. 

Most of my art these days gets done while sitting on the couch so my basket of pens is nearby and I can whip out a page anytime.

I try to keep things sporadic and I move the stencil around often. Starting out with Copic pens and the Circles Circles stencil I just randomly trace over areas.stencil.

 Add the Warped Holes stencil to the random pen markings. 
A few light sprays with Dylusions in orange. Then add in some deep pink.

Then some deep purple. Allow all of these layers to dry well. 
This amount of wetness may make your paper curl. You have two options to fix it ASAP; Iron the paper (which is what I did) or wet the back of the paper with water.

Here I spray a light coat of Montana white. 
This will allow me to continue using alcohol pens. I like to let these pages sit outside for a while just to air out.

Added a layer of Montana pink. You could layer with a light spray of gesso or more Dylusions. Moving on to the Doris, A Vintage Woman stencil.....just a quick orange outline.

A fill in with deep purple Copic.

Now I color in with Pitt Pen White. This is a thin white that you can use to highlight or truly fill in with completely. I will be filling areas but you will be able to see the pattern underneath. When I layer with this pen I tend to start with vertical stroke then horizontal then diagonal.

First layer is dry; continue layering.

This is where my painting instincts take over and I start highlighting and shadowing where I think I should, softening the harsh edges of the shadows.

Layering a single line of white over the darkest shadow.

 Add in highlights in the turban

Add in drawn elements more circles over the background in orange. 
Dark Blue and purple over the darkest shadows.

 The final page....more white on the face. 

Find out more about Maryjo here: