Saturday, June 24, 2017

New stencils from Trish McKinney, Andrew Borloz, and Steven Skaggs!

Feast your eyes! We are thrilled to present 23 new stencils from three designers/teachers you love ~ Trish McKinney, Andrew Borloz, and Steven Skaggs.

Branches and Patterns Collection

Captivated while looking at bare branches in winter, Trish McKinney designed 5 delicate stencil-masks to bring these intricate patterns into her abstract painting. 

These stencil-masks are wonderful for art journaling and gel printing too!

Mysterious Wisteria Collection

After the final flowers of spring have fallen, wisteria vines shape a different beauty that Trish McKinney captured in the 4 stencil-masks of her Mysterious Wisteria Collection, each with its own delicate pattern. 

These stencil-masks are perfect abstract patterns for mark making in your mixed media painting. 

Pair with colors to add a luminous or vibrant quality to your art journal pages and gel print making.

Ribbons and Swirls Collection

When you open a drawer of ribbons and it accidentally falls you can get frustrated or do as Trish McKinney did, adjust your creativity cap and envision stencils. 

Trish's Tip: Layer the 2 large stencils for a whole new stenciled pattern!

3 Crazy Quilt Patterns

Andrew Borloz would like to share how he came up with the idea for his Crazy Quilt stencil designs.

"Several years ago, I found a group of discarded student paintings at one of the campuses of an art school, and there was a note indicating that these canvases are free for the taking. I took a couple with the intention of repainting over the existing ones. One of them was covered with newspaper, and I spent hours scrubbing the old paints and collaged newspaper off it. It revealed a nice painting and I decided to use the lines as "boundaries" when I was stenciling over it. 

"I liked the final result so much that I decided that I would take the canvas off the frame and cut it up to be used as book cloth. The canvas size gave me enough book cloth for five blank journals in varying sizes. 

"I like the crazy quilt concept so much that I end up creating more patterns with various stencils that I designed for Stencil Girl Products.

"I showed these projects in my Facebook page, and I have gotten requests for instructions on how to create these crazy quilt patterns. For most of my projects, I used at least four-five and sometimes seven different stencils. While working on these projects and thinking about how to teach, I realized that it may be quite cumbersome to use so many stencils for the crazy quilt patterns, so I've come up with an idea of creating crazy quilt pattern on a single sheet."

Andrew's Crazy Quilt stencils are (left to right): Crosses and Rounds, Calm and Frenzy and Bold & Beautiful.

Rieven Stencils in Mini and Small Sizes

Steven Skaggs' Rieven stencil series stems from his exploration with decorative devices, borders, and ornaments as he searched for patterns which would compliment his Rieven™ Unical Pro font. These small and medium stencils ideal for creating layers and backgrounds in large scale artwork and paper crafting.

From the top: Harmony, Trefoil, Fleuron, and Toledo Glyphs.

These Rieven designs are also available in 12" x 24" home decor sized stencils.

We hope you are as delighted by these stencils as we are! You can check out all the latest stencils HERE, or click on the artist's name to go to their stencils: Andrew Borloz, Steven Skaggs, or Trish McKinney.

Which stencils pique your interest the most?

Friday, June 23, 2017

Guest Designer Kim Dellow: What Are Your Favorite Ways To Use Your StencilGirl Stencils?

I've got a question for you! What are your favorite ways to use your StencilGirl stencils? I would really love to hear. As a fellow StencilGirl fan I am sure you have lots of amazing techniques to share with me today don't you?

But wait, hold up! I haven't introduced myself yet! Hi, I'm Kim Dellow and I'm an artist, blogger and designer based in London, United Kingdom and I am a self-confessed mixed media addict! I thought for my guest post today here on the StencilGirl blog that I would share with you a challenge I set myself using the Seth Apter Alpha Drips and Number Drips stencils. That challenge was to build an art journal page background using five different techniques using just these two stencils.
This is where favorite stencil techniques come in. I have a couple of tried and tested techniques that we all know and love in my list of five techniques that I am sharing in my video of this art journal page today, but there are also a couple of my personal totally top favorite methods in there too, like stencil printing and using stencils to make resists.
So if you were going to use the Seth Apter Alpha Drips and Number Drips stencils to make an art journal page background, what five techniques would you use? Let me know! Either comment here on the StencilGirl blog or come over to my YouTube channel and leave me a comment or you can leave a comment on my blog.

Better still, grab these two stencils and use five techniques to make your next art journal page background and share it with both StencilGirl and myself over on Instagram (@stencilgirl_products, @kimdellow) or Facebook (StencilGirl Products, Kim Dellow Design)! I know I can't wait to see it!

Kim Dellow, art and craft lifestyle blogger and designer, has a passion for sharing her latest art obsessions. She is regularly published in magazines and provides online content for many well-known companies both inside and outside of the art and craft industry. Self-taught and naturally inquisitive, Kim is never happier than when she is throwing paint around and sharing the results.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

July TBT: Artist tiles, art journal and planner spread, and a card!

Once again the time has come to share some stencils that are a little bit older but just as wonderful for art play as our newer stencils. Kiala, Belen, and I, Carol Baxter are excited to share a few simple ideas:

A Color Wheel Color Study Art Journal Page

Hi again lovely creatives. Kiala Givehand chiming in with a multi-layered, mixed media art journaling page. 

I just adore Lizzie Mayne's Rose Window stencil as a way to mimic the shape of the color wheel, while adding patterns and lines to create a complex mandala just waiting to be colored and explored. 

I'm currently spending time doing lots of color studies in my art journals. My love for circles and mandalas makes those an easy go to for color study and Lizzie's stencil is the perfect way to explore color in multiple mediums. 

For this page, I used acrylic paint and gesso for the background, deli paper, paint pens, and gel pens for my circles, Derwent Inktense blocks for the rubbings, and black and white pens to add the lettering. Talk about fun and meditative!!! 

TIP: I placed the stencil UNDER the deli paper and used the Inktense blocks to make a rubbing. So much fun!!!

Artist Tiles

About a month ago I took a class on Skillshare by Sadelle Wiltshire where she teaches how to draw interlocking shapes. It's an amazing class and you can do some cool things with interlocking shapes. But my hands are not the steadiest. Solution? Use a stencil to draw your shapes in pencil first, then interlock them and ink them with pen. 

I used Lizzie Mayne's Mod Ovals and Circles small stencil to see if my theory would work. 

It did!! And I'm in love with the results. No stencil will be safe after this. 

You are invited to check out my blog post, Using Stencils for Interlocking Shapes.

Happy stenciling,

Memory Keeper

Hello stencilers! Belen Sotelo greeting you.

Stencils can be used for more than crafting and mixed media. They're a wonderful way to add some visual interest to your planners and traveler's notebooks, too!. A drier medium, like ink pads are a great alternative to paint and wont buckle the thinner paper of your journal, as a wet medium would.

I'm using Julie Snidle's Scales and Legend, Borders, and Frames mini stencils in my memory keeping journal to add some texture and movement to my pages.

Miss You Card

   o'dark thirty
+ stencil turned sideways
+ Godzilla fan
pure, unapologetic silliness

Carol Baxter, "big kid" waving HI!!!!

I saw this large stencil from Mary Beth Shaw's 15.1 Collection for Stencil Club and it roared "Godzilla"! I'm an action movie over chick flick kinda gal....

(Psst! StencilClub members can purchase prior club sets!)

I used Carolyn Dube's Open Buildings, Mary Nasser's Just Plane Fun, and Andrew Borloz' Tribal Pattern B Twirl stencils, plus pens and glimmer mist.

That's it for June 2017 Throwback Thursday. What art are you off to make now?

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Jo Firth-Young: Upcycled Bag with StencilGirl Stencils

Hi everyone, Jo Firth-Young here with you today – I’ve long been a fan of StencilGirl Products so am really pleased to share a project with you. I’ve used a few of my all-time-favorite StencilGirl stencils and masks – and we all have those don’t we?! Stencils that we reach for time and again, and never tire of.

The stencils I chose are:

My project uses a bag from a trade show earlier in the year. It’s made from a woven nylon fabric covered in kraft paper (if you’ve come across my work before you’ll know how much I love kraft!)... I knew it would be great to work on – the nylon weave gives the paper enough strength and structure to take paint. Here’s the bag before...

My plan for this upcycle was to cover the company name and most of the surrounding motifs while still retaining some of the original bag design and color.

Here’s how I upcycled the bag.
I painted the center of the bag with black gesso, leaving the edges rough. I then used the Marrakech Mix stencil to add motifs in black coming off the edges of the black paint.
I stenciled more of the Marrakech motifs across the bag shading from black to various shades of grey. All the paints I’ve used are Fresco Finish by PaperArtsy (Snowflake, Concrete & Bougainvillea). I achieved the blend by applying the paint with a brush rather than a sponge.
I used the Illegible stencil to add randomly placed writing (in Snowflake white paint), overlapping the Marrakech motifs in places.
Now to add the flowers. I wanted to use a quite vibrant color for these to contrast against the blacks and greys, and the color I chose was Bougainvillea from the PaperArtsy Fresco Finish range of paints. I adore this color, but as it is a semi-opaque paint I needed to add an opaque base color to block out the black and give the color maximum pop!

I laid down the stencil element of the Deconstructed Cluster of Lilies and painted white onto the surface of the bag.
When that was dry I laid the stencil over that layer and added a layer of Bougainvillia... LUSH!
I laid the stencil in place once more and laid the mask element inside taping it in place; this would protect the Bougainvillia from the next step.
I painted over the top with black gesso, here’s the result. I really like how the effect is that of a stencil rather than a mask.
I used the same process to add a single flower in the diagonally opposite corner.
The finishing touches were buttons sewn onto the center of the larger flowers and self-adhesive gems added to the smaller ones. I also decided the bag needed more words so I placed the Illegible stencil over the existing stenciling and added one or two more lines of text, fading them out to the edges of the bag.
This bag will definitely be coming with me on my next creative outing!
I hope you’ve enjoyed my project and it inspires you to upcycle bags.. or folders.. or boxes.. or clothes! Whatever sparks your imagination!

PS If you’d like to see more of what I do you can find me in the following places:
Instagram: @jofyjo
Facebook:  JoFY.JoFirthYoung
Twitter: @jofyjo