Creative Team

StencilGirl® Creative Team

Niamh Baly has been crafting for nearly 30 years, starting with stamping and moving into art journaling and mixed media in 2003. She completed her Graduate Diploma of Fine Arts (Printmaking) in 2005. Niamh has also written two books on using Embossing Enamels, taught classes nationally and internationally, and was regularly published in stamping and scrapbooking magazines. Niamh is currently a High School teacher and lives with her small family on the beautiful North West coast of Tasmania, Australia. To keep herself busy, she still makes time every day to create art, and is now teaching mixed media courses and retreats nationally, as well as online courses focusing on Art Journaling and Mixed media. She also runs a successful YouTube Channel sharing her techniques and inspirations weekly. See more from Niamh on her website, Facebook page, Mixed Media Creative Queens page and Instagram!



Jane Bellante has been a working artist for 30 years, focusing mostly on mixed media, but also painted furniture and furniture art. “I have a master’s degree in Adult Education and I love to teach! You’ll find me in my studio most days, experimenting and playing with my art supplies. I’m so grateful to be part of the StencilGirl® Creative Team!!” Check out Jane on her website, Facebook page, Instagram, and Pinterest! 

Hello, my name is Laura Dame and I am a mixed media artist based in Austin, TX. I love to play around and experiment in my art journals, and also enjoy dabbling in abstract, collage, and floral artworks. My favorite thing about art is that there are no rules - the only requirement is that whatever you create makes you happy! My main goal when I began sharing my art was to show people that you don't have to be classified as an artist to pick up a paintbrush. Your art doesn't have to be perfect, or even 'good' - it's the act of creating that matters. I am married to a wonderful husband, who is the person who first nudged me down my artistic path about 7 years ago (although he probably didn't realize how much money I would spend on art supplies!). I am also the mother to two (almost teenage!) boys, and a full-time Sonographer. Visit Laura's website at

Hello!!! I’m Tina Hois from @tinahoisart my happy place for creative abandonment. I have always been drawn to all things arty. It all started with scrapbooking and creating memory albums for my two beautiful daughters, which evolved into card making and paper crafts. As a stay at home mom (at the time) and a constant learner I was intrigued by jewelry and taught myself all I needed to know about creating beautiful timeless jewelry pieces. With this knowledge I launched a small company and took part in maker markets and private home events. Currently my love for mixed media outweighs all others and I am usually surrounded by creative messes, painted fingers and a head of overflowing ideas.  Art journaling is my personal expressive outlet that allows me to play intuitively without rules and fill my soul with happiness. My pages are layered with painted goodness, collage, colour, textures and stencil designs. I tend to vary my style and embrace experimenting with new techniques and mediums. In addition to art I love thrifting and giving new life to unwanted treasures ~ I dream of owning an up-cycled creative space where people can connect, unwind, learn and shop.(and it will be the seaside ~ not a big ask). For now I will dream of the seaside and can be found on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Anouk Karrsen is an all-around creative from The Netherlands. For Anouk, art journaling is a way to process her thoughts and emotions. Her style can be described as soft and feminine with a raw edge. In her creative journey, Anouk tries to let go of her perfectionism by creating on a more intuitive level. Follow Anouk on Instagram at

Hi! My name is Carol Ponsford and I am a Mixed Media artist from Columbus, Indiana. I am a retired Administrative Assistant and enjoy spending time with my husband Jim, my 2 children, son-in-law and 2 grandsons. I also enjoy travel, attending art workshops and spending time in my studio creating art. I enjoy working in all types of mediums including acrylic paint, collage, gel plate mono printing, encaustic, and have studied clay, silversmithing, and printed fabric design while in college. My most recent work is primarily Mixed Media using paint, paper collage, stencils, and rubber stamps. My love for Mixed Media stems from the wide variety of products that can be used in combination with each other offering so many unexpected surprises. I am currently setting up a space to work in encaustics in my home studio. I enjoy exploring colorful abstract work and look forward to finding new techniques to incorporate into my work. Find Carol on Instagram here.

Hello! I’m Nicole Watson … a Midwest girl who married a Southern boy and now lives in Austin, Texas. Art has always played a part in my creative journey—from collecting random bits of paper at a young age to selling my first painting in high school, then discovering mixed media while studying art and design in college.

My style is best described as an eclectic blend of technique and whimsy. I enjoy borrowing from my background in graphic/layout design, photography, and fine art, while mixing in color theory and discovering new and unexpected mediums to play with. Messy, grungy artwork with a touch of nature and oftentimes a circle or three are my favorites, along with the splatters, drips, and scribbles.

As an artist and a teacher, I’m most encouraged when a viewer gains confidence to try something new or just enjoys creating as a part of self-care. Paint-covered hands are the best form of therapy, and there is nothing more rewarding than reliving creative growth by flipping through journals of past projects. My hope is that you will feel just as inspired as I do to learn from others, discover your own unique style, embrace mistakes, and to be brave in both art and in creating an artful life. When not making messes in my studio, you’ll find me outside in the garden, going on walks, or searching for artsy treasures, usually with an iced coffee in hand. Visit Nicole's website and find her on Instagram and YouTube.