Friday, December 14, 2018

Arty Celebrations: My Super Awesome Arty Friend ... with Natalie May

Hey there Stencil Fan!

Today I am sharing my Arty Celebration project for December with a fun and bright Scrapbook Page!

It's been way too long since I created a layout and this ridiculous photo of Sue Plumb and I taken a couple of months ago was perfect to kick start my creativity!
Sue is a fellow Aussie crafter and is a super talented girly who is seriously funny too!  

I started with my absolute fave stencil ... Scribble Scratch 9x12 by Carolyn Dube ...  gave it a spray on the reverse side with Lindys Gang Spray in Summer Lovin Sun and stamped it onto Marshmallow Cardstock.

I then used the Circles Layer Me stencil also by the uber talented Carolyn Dube and Hibiscus Pink Lindys Spray to add a pop of pink.

Once that was dry, I used the Illegible Stencil designed by Kae Pea, with some Distress Oxide in Black Soot to add the fabulous pattern over the top.

I have made a quick process video that you can view here.

So that's it from me ... do yourself a favor and pop over and check out My Super Awesome Arty Friend, Sue and leave her some love!

Natalie May

Lindys Sprays
Paper Rose Stamps and Dies

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Sandee's Artful Celebrations: a meaningful "Meraki" table

Meraki is of Greek origin and means
"Leaving a piece of yourself (your soul, creativity, or love) in your work."

For my project today I visited the Blueridge Humane Society Thrift Store.
Our purchases and donations provide the organization with its principal source of income.

I was pleasantly surprised to find this unfinished little table sitting right outside their front door and quickly grabbed it up, the possibilities were unlimited and I was excited to get started. I even had a warm  chilly-ish day to get started, and as long as I was perched out in the sun and without our usual mountain winds, it was OK.

I kinda knew what I was going to create ( I say kinda cause I really never really know what I am going to do ) and gathered all my StencilGirl® stencils together and laid out my gameplan in my head.
 Do you do sketches before you start or are you like me or are you a
"fly by the seat of your pants" kinda girl like me?

On the top of the table I used:

I also used:
DecoArt Starlight varnish along with their acrylic paints
2 of my very own Rubbermoon stamps: Fairy Bright and Fairy Lovely


Let your brushmarks give you extra depth by letting them work for you like I did here by using them to express the moon's radiance. Doesn't hurt either to use a varnish that has sparkles in it either to help give you that celestial ambiance.

On the legs of the table I used:

I also used parts of the RubberMoon collage sheet and wrapped the edge of the table in their Signature washi tape.

To help washi tape stick better to a surface let the paint be your friend. I laid down the tape right over freshly applied paint while it was still tacky and once it dries it really holds the tape securely to your project.

I created a time-lapse video too so you can get a sense of the order of things, although the word "order" should only be loosely used when describing me, lol

"If I could play and dream to inspire with wonder and to imagine my soul as an artist
and just breathe"

I hope you enjoyed my artful celebration with made with meraki 💙


Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Ornate, Curvy, Natural, Mid Century - StencilGirl has the stencils!

Persian Rugs, Spanish Moss, Line Waves, and Mid Century Modern Banners can only mean designers Kate Thompson, Trish McKinney, and Valerie Sjodin have new stencils!


Ornate and intricate, Kate Thompson's Persian Rug Stencils will have you saying wow, how did they make that a stencil!

Kate writes, "I use most of my stencils primarily with joint compound and then rub inks or paints into them but they work just as well traditionally with paint and inks. I have included samples of art and video showing how I use them. I incorporate them into some of my semi-finished artworks as you will see."

Art Nouveau Rug Stencil, 9"x12", L695
Art Nouveau is one of the more beautiful design categories in Kate's opinion. The flowing and intercepting lines make beautiful art. As with the other designs, you can use pieces of the design by itself or use the whole design.

Morocco Rug Stencil, 9"x12, L697

Kate travels and teaches in Morocco and this beautiful background design came to mind. It also has the same feeling as a Persian rug. You can use one of the elements alone or use the entire design.

Floral Waterfall Stencil, 9"x12", L696

"I love the intricacy and delicate work," Kate writes. "So much of my own art contains it. Persian rugs have always been one of my most favorite types of designs. I use to design prints for a living and always loved when there was a Persian, exotic print needed. This particular stencil can be used in many ways. You can use the repeated pattern at the top to add delicate backgrounds to your artwork. The border could be used separately as well for border prints or use the entire design which creates a beautiful piece of work all by itself."


Natural and random, Trish McKinney's Spanish Moss Masks and Line Wave Masks will make you ooh and ahh!

They are available in a multitude of sizes for your art-making pleasure.

Use Trish's Spanish Moss Masks when you wish to achieve a natural, wild, perhaps even flamboyant element in your paintings.

Use Trish’s Line Waves Masks to add unexpected elements to your fine artwork. The bunched lines create a focal while the entire mask creates a marvelous background or a web that adds cohesion.


Get your planner, calendar, and cards ready for Valerie Sjodin's Mid Century Modern Banners.

Get excited for the New Year by celebrating with this Mid-Century Modern banner collection in your bullet or calendar journal! It makes making a monthly calendar easy, fast, and filled with fun! This retro style stencil by Valerie Sjodin is versatile. Use it to frame your favorite retro font with a personal title, message, birthday card and more!

Look at the possibilities for decorating your bullet planner or greeting cards!

The planner spread and card were created with gelatos, colored pencil and washi tape.

Shop all the latest stencils at!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Celebrating stencils with a matchbook by Kristin Peterson

When I was looking at Artful Celebration, I remember thinking with a celebration you want to make something special. It's a celebration!

A celebration of stencils..... And what better way than to use some of your favorite StencilGirl® stencils, then having to make pages for a creatively cute matchbook.

It is a unique and special way to showcase those special stencils. I know what you are thinking.... A matchbook? That is what you made?..... Well bare with me and watch the video. The stencil choices I made gave a distinct feel to the matchbook and allowed me to use a nice variety of stencils as well.  (Here are the stencils I used: StencilGirl Club- Aug 2013Soulful Scribbles, ATC Mixup Dube, Scribble Scratch Handwriting Stencil, Layers of Scallops)

Thank you so much for watching!

xo. kristin

Monday, December 10, 2018

All "Wrapped" Up with Stenciled Bags, Tags and Boxes

Hi everyone!  Debi Adams here and I am relishing the upcoming holidays.  Though I am not fond of all the long lines and busi-ness of the season, I definitely like the sights, sounds and colors of Christmas. Whether you celebrate this time of year or not, there are always opportunities for gift-giving so today I thought I would share some ideas on how to creatively wrap your packages using stencils. You can work up some special, coordinating sheets of paper or just use the scraps of left over castaways and extras from your stash.

So I have to admit that I have not used my gelli plate as much as I should have so I pulled it out for this particular post and started playing. (Thank you Carolyn Dube for the suggestive/inspirational instagrams :) ). I put watercolors down before I started with the gel plate.  It's my favorite medium, and definitely my comfort zone.  I chose three colors to begin with and then added another one or two to give it some depth.

When I started adding stencils, I didn’t think about my choices a lot. Just picked what I was in the mood for.  I tried to make my designs work for Christmas and all-occasion so you could see the possibilities.  I misted my paper with some of Dyan's Dylusions because I love the bright colors they bring to my pallet.  

The mark-making really helped it all come together.  I used a white marker but also added a few touches of gold with a thin gold marker to make it a little fancy.  

Once I got the pieces designed the way I wanted them, I began making embellishments for my packages. I cut out, punched and strung a variety of doo-dahs. This particular package was decorated with cut-out hearts attached to string and wrapped around the gift.  We all have scraps of this and that and they are perfect for package decor. Great way to get rid of those odds and ends that were too nice to just toss!

I also decided it might be fun to make mock-flocked ribbon so I used gesso on regular acetate ribbon and let it dry.  Making the tag personalized was super simple. Ann Butler's Flourish Alphabet Upper Case stencil used as a monogram made it easy.  (Pattern for the tag was from the Simple Geo Circles Stencil.) I finished the letter and the edge of the circle using a gold pen.  

Creating a “wrap” for a box meant I only had to a portion of my hand-designed sheets. It also solved the problem of some types of paper being too thick (depending on the substrate you use) to fold and tape down. The box stays nice because no tape touches it.   It simply slides off!  The Circles Layer Me Stencil by Carolyn Dube worked perfectly for a strip of paper ribbon! And adding a tag doesn't have to be complicated. I used this Starlight Mini Stencil to add a festive look and then added a separate piece for the name.  It took only a few seconds using the stencil, blending tool and ink.  

Sometimes a quick box can be worked up with small pieces of patterned paper.  Perfect example is this box.  You can make it as big or as small as you want based on the size of the substrate. (See pattern at end of this post.  Make sure to use red tape when securing the sides. It needs to be strong enough to stay closed.)

I LOVE Pam Carriker’s Knitting stencil but hadn’t used it yet (imagine!),  so I decided to create my own wrapping paper using bulletin board paper, a blending tool and ink.  I  turned the stencil in a different direction after every usage, making sections of patterns instead of trying to connect them into one straight line. 

I also stenciled it directly onto one of those pillow boxes. It was a great fit.  And the small knitting needles? A skewer and a bead. :) Maybe Pam will be impressed? Oh I wish I could sit long enough to knit like she does!


Sometimes adding a few tags finishes it off. 

I love decorating all my packages. I honestly think of the person as I am wrapping it and wishing them great things. I hope I have given you some ideas on how to broaden the usage of stencils. There are a myriad of ways to use them.  This one definitely gives a personal touch to any gift-giving occasion.

Thanks for stopping in.  Can't wait to see what you create! 

Debi Adams

Insta: debi_adams
Facebook: Debi Adams

Learn to make 10 cards as easy as the above projects.   Check out my "The Art of Cardmaking" video by StencilGirl Studio found here.

Stencils Used:

Pattern for Box

When sealing the last area closed, twist the top part in the opposite direction from the bottom part.  The side seam should be located on the side of the box then.