StencilGirl® Products Founder Mary Beth Shaw created the Columnist positions for professional and established artists and has paired up each selected Columnist with what she believes to be their mixed media specialty.

Be on the lookout for these amazing artists and their recurring quarterly Columns on the blog:
Jennifer spent thirty years in the children’s book industry as a writer, absorbing many visual design principles from the illustrators and art directors she worked with along the way. When she decided to retire from writing, she rekindled a long-neglected relationship with scissors, glue, and paper. In no time at all, stencils, stamps, and paint crashed the party, and - long story short - she no longer has a dining room, but she does have a big sunny studio with a very large table not far from the kitchen.  Creative expression has always been her way of interacting with the world, through writing, gardening, cooking, and making art. She lives in Saratoga Springs, New York, where she also works part-time as a children’s bookseller in a large independent bookstore.
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Kecia Deveney is a mixed media artist based in the Jersey Shore channeling her life experiences into whimsical works that playfully distort our reality. She incorporates fabric, textiles, jewelry design, sculpture, and painting into a colorful eclectic practice that seeks to inspire others to acknowledge their inherent creative spirit. A self-taught artist, she rejects the rules and notions of fine art in a vibrant juxtaposition of figuration and abstraction with an emphasis on textured visceral works. 


While art had always fascinated Deveney, she discovered her talents when she relocated from her California home to coastal New Jersey. While building her new life, she took to engaging with craft, design, and the visual arts to transform her living space into a wonderland of her own creation. Spending most of her days as a caregiver, her art became an outlet. Embracing the unusual, she continued to expand her practice. She was met with a positive response as others fell in love with the imaginative worlds she invited them to explore. As her acclaim grew, she became a world traveler, uplifting artists around the globe with her art and drawing from their rich cultures and experiences to inform her work and evolving practice. Today, she is sharing her journey, skills, and motivation with others as an educator. Her work continues to teach us about the value of accepting your individuality and allowing your distinct style of creativity to flourish.
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Claudia Neubacher lives in Vienna, Austria with her husband, their son, and their much-loved dog girlie, Bluna. She was an art teacher before she became a stay at home mom. Now, she happily paints and crafts away in her studio. Claudia has been creating ever since she could first hold a pencil.  Discover Claudia on her blog, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Tina Walker is a creator, wanna-be photographer, and dog lover. ♥  Art keeps her sane and is a retreat from her daily career responsibilities. She loves all things mixed media, including art journaling, assemblage, and bookmaking. She believes mixed media is a perfect discipline, encompassing multiple products, mediums, and design techniques. Her project selection and medium choice are always changing and you will frequently see her hosting on-line collaborations and challenges. She is a frequent contributor to Stampington publications and you can discover more about her on her blogFacebookInstagram, and YouTube

Kristin Reese Williams has spent a lifetime playing with yarn, embroidery floss, glitter, clay, rubber stamps, paper, paints, and glue (you get the picture). She was lucky to have an incredibly talented craftswoman for a mother who saw great value in children’s art and craft classes. That planted a seed for lifelong learning and craft supply hoarding. Collage using abandoned quilt squares, StencilGirl® stencils, acrylic paint, embroidery floss, and found objects is her current obsession. Kristin is the owner and operator of Ephemera Paducah (her 50th birthday present to herself after a career in economic and community development), an art & craft workshops space for adults located in Paducah, Kentucky. In its 5th year of business, Ephemera Paducah was featured in the Winter 2018 Where Women Create Business. Kristin was thrilled to partner with StencilGirl® and hosted the wildly popular StencilGirl® & Friends Retreat in September 2017. See more about Kristin on her websiteFacebook PageInstagram, and Pinterest.

Kate has been dabbling in art since she was 6 years old when she took her first mixed media painting class. She loves all types of crafts but mixed media and art journaling are her favorite. She discovered mixed media 8 years ago and has been hooked to stamps, stencils, and paints ever since. Kate draws inspiration for her art from vintage photographs, Asian, Egyptian and Indian culture, as well as her love for tea. She loves layering and creating textured backgrounds in vibrant colors and drippy paint. Kate is a nurse, wife, and mother of 3. Kate loves Celtic music, global decor, drinking tea, and spending time with her family. View more of Kate's art on her WebsiteTwitterPinterest, and Facebook Page.