Friday, August 23, 2013

Dancing Leaves Stencil by Daniella Woolf

Welcome everyone, Journal Artista aka Paula here!

I am so excited to share with you a few easy techniques involving this beautiful stencil designed by the wonderful Daniella Woolf called Dancing Leaves.

First, let's talk Sharpies.  So many of us are addicted to pens, pencils and markers.  I am sure many of you also own a few, however the new BRUSH Sharpie's are a must have!  If you have been art journaling for awhile you may have already discovered that gesso and craft paint will dry up any Sharpie.  I have experimented with both bullet tips and the fine tip, but all dried up while writing on top of the gesso or paint.  

On a recent trip to the craft store I noticed some new Sharpie's called BRUSH.  Since I have had so much success with Faber Castell's Big Brush Pens I thought I'd give them a chance.  I was so excited to discover they work great!!


This simplest way to use stencils is to trace them.  I started with a painted background in my art journal (I always work on multiple pages at the same time).  I simply positioned the stencil where I wanted it and traced the image with my green Sharpie Brush marker.

With this technique there is no need for masking, and you can use different colored markers easily.  This stencil would look wonderful with different shades of green!

For the leaves on the right page (also shown below) I rotated the stencil in multiple directions to create a flowing image up the page.

Instead of just a focal point, I also wanted to use this stencil as a background element.  I started this page with a printed napkin, paper scraps, a magazine image and some basic craft paint.  I then randomly sprayed purlple ink through the stencil.

Next I added another layer with gesso stippled through the stencil. If you happen to have ran out of gesso (GASP!) you can always substitute with white craft paint.

When the gesso was dry I painted random circles with pink craft paint, right over the gesso.  After waiting until the paint was almost completely dry I used a baby wipe to remove some of the paint.

I love how you can see both the sprayed ink (I used a permanent one made from Liquitex Ink) and the gesso within the circles!  I used a purple Sharpie to outline the circles for more distinction from the background.

There you go, two easy and fast techniques with basic supplies!  Check out all of Daniella's beautiful designs HERE

I can't wait for next month when I will be featuring one of the new Seth Apter's new stencils.  Here is a sneak peak:

Get yours early so you can play along!


  1. I haven't used sharpies in quite a while but the stencil Dancing leaves is truly beautiful and your art is lovely
    susan s

  2. Beautiful pages. I haven't tried the brush Sharpies but appreciate knowing they work well over gessoed surfaces. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Great pages. Love all the colors!!

  4. always always love your work! & that stencil a'int bad either

  5. Great tip on the Sharpie brush marker. LOVE how you used the stencil!!!

  6. Beautiful pages and some fabulous tips. Thanks!

  7. Paula... you are so inspiring. I can't wait until you are back on Ustream!

  8. hmmmm Great tips. Love that you found a brush that will work on the gesso.


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