Friday, October 4, 2013

Guest Designer Linda Cain plus WINNERS!

Hi, I’m Linda Cain, and I love to Create ART. All kinds of art with paint, metal, ink, stamps, canvas, paper, glue… name it, and I’ll try it! So I was thrilled when Maria asked me to be a Guest Artist here at StencilGirl Talk! I decided to do a Journal page in my Dylusions large journal.  One thing I’ve learned is that some people like to stop at certain stages of a page…they’ve had enough. So whenever you feel comfortable to jump off, please do so. I tend to cover every nook and cranny I can, but that’s not for everyone. So do your own thing, and just have some fun!

These are most of the materials I used. It’s just a guide for you.

1. Start by spraying your page LIGHTLY with a mist of water. It helps to loosen up the fibers, but keep it light!

2. Next, I sprayed both sides with several colors of green, orange, turquoise, and yellow Dylusions spray ink. Note: There are white spaces left here and there.

3.Now I lay the stencil over portions of the page and spray with water through the stencil. Then blot with a "kitchen roll" as Dyan calls them or paper towel roll. (Extremely talented lady, that Dyan Reaveley.) As you can see in the photos, it removes color and leaves a light ghost image in your ink. (Fig 2 and Fig 3).

4. I started to add Distress Inks with a Blending Tool to fill in areas without color and add darker colors to the corners. If you look at Fig 3, you can see there are areas on the right that are bare, so that's where I add color.

5. The fun begins. I'll go through the left side first and describe the layers. Using the stencil and whie acrylic chalk paint (I use Fresco Paints) and Cut-n-Dry hfoam squares, I pounce white paint as shown through the stencil. The paint picks up some of the inks and sprays since they are water based, hence the mottled look to the stenciled area. Kinda cool I think!

6. I used Distress Inks of various red shades to add the word TIME to the bottom of the page. I shade the edges with a darker color, a brown. Then I outline TIME and the white areas with black permanent marker. I also add gray shading.

7. Stamps are added with Jet Black Archival Ink in areas and the Lady is colored with markers. I outlined her and other spots with white pen. I used several other stamps with white paint to break up the color. (Fig 4).

8. On the righthand side I did much the same thing only I outlined the TIME with white pan. I used different markers to add color to shade letters and stamped images. The Artist Journal stamp I enclosed in the frame of pen marks as well. You can see the Peakcock Feathers Distress Ink really brightened up the edge of the page as well as the Ripe Persimmon in the center (Fig. 5).

9. The Clock was die cut from Metal Foil Tape on chipboard and trimmed to fit against TIME. I attached the hands with a brad. Most people would stop here....but oh, no, I had to keep adding. So.....

10. I decided to add some white chickenwire stamping to the left side and a bit more Distress Ink to tone down the white around the small clock. I added red markers to some of the white areas too! Last, I added more white pen can go crazy with a white pen!!! It's all up to you when you want to stop.

So, there you have it! A completely saturated pair of Journal pages that I loved doing. I hope you just get in there and start inking and spraying. Remember, it's ONLY a piece of paper!!

Your Friend in ART,

Maria here....before you go! 
The WINNER's in the Blog Hop featuring Pam Carriker are......

Simple Color Wheels............Darlene K Campbell
Hue Tint Shade Outline.............JKW
Primary Secondary Tertiary...............Ellie

and Pam's new book provided by Pam herself!..................Pamela Keravuori


  1. Linda! This is just AMAZING!
    Thank you so much for sharing your progress!
    xxx Susi


  2. I love your 'saturation' Linda! I love the vibrancy of the whole spread. Wonderful! xo

  3. Linda- i am such a fan!! love your art and thankful that you give such great tutorials! ")

  4. Fabulous colors going on and great techniques information - will have to try!
    LOVE the end result - what an amazing ART journal page <3
    Wonderful as always, Miss Linda xo

  5. I love the way this evolved, Linda.. just beautiful.. and the layers.. oh my!

  6. Linda this is fabulous! I love the colours and the richness!

  7. Congrats to the lucky winners! Linda, your work is so beautifully layered and luscious.

  8. wow what an intense journal. Just love it!!! Congrats to the winners!!!

  9. I love everything about this project! Thank you for sharing how to do it!

  10. Wow Linda ! Absolutely gorgeous ! Sue C x

  11. Linda you are such a talent! Your eye for color is amazing. These are fantastic pages.

  12. Linda, I'm coming after you to find your blog! You fill the pages in a artsy-colorful way. I just purchased all of Seth's stencils and 2 of Pam's stamps so now I want Dylusion Ink sprays. Can't believe I don't have those yet. Your tutorial is super inspiring and easy to grasp. Thanks!

    Whoo hoo and one big than you to Stencil Girls and Pam Carriker...I so much wanted the color wheel stencils to do color studies with. And I won! Stencil Girl products are are creative, fun and wonderful quality!

  13. Linda, this is absolutely gorgeous. It reminds me of stained glass.

    1. Thanks so much Mary Beth, and everyone else who stopped by the blog! It was really great fun creating this piece!


  14. Only a piece of paper? These are works of art that should be on the wall of my craft room, and not in a book! lol Absolutely love them!

  15. Linda - as always, amazing art and I love the pages!


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