Tuesday, December 3, 2013

StencilGirl StencilClub Reveal December 2013

Maria here....are you ready???!!!
It's time for the December 2013 StencilClub Stencil REVEAL!!!!!
This month Mary Beth Shaw, StencilGirl herself, designed the stencils! YAY! 
She even made you a VERY cool video to showcase them.
Watch the video and then I'll be back with some information about the CLUB!

Wasn't that COOL???!!! 
Thanks Mary Beth!

How would you like to see a fabulous piece of art that Mary Beth made with the stencils???? 
I am in LOVE with it!!!

So....do you want to learn more about StencilClub and how you can join our family of stencil LOVER's??!!! EXCLUSIVE stencils only available to members, a private video every month, discounts and much more!
Just go HERE and get all the information about the club and your benefits of being a member.

Ready to Join??? 
Don't go anywhere :) 
The sign-up button is right here on our Blog. 
Just look on the right sidebar at the top. 
It's easy!

Hope to see you in the CLUB!!!!


  1. I love being in StencilClub!
    These new stencils look delightful!!

  2. I love your stencils, so sad I cant be a member because of the high shipping costs to Europe :(

  3. Hi Wilma, the $35 (outside of US) cost includes shipping.
    Just sayin'

  4. Can't wait for these stencils to arrive! Beautiful piece Mary Beth created!

  5. Finally moved over here to the new site - I hope I did it in time to get shipped for December...I love this one!!


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