Friday, February 7, 2014

February StencilClub Daily Fun

Hello! Janet here, from Happy Reminders
You StencilClub exclusive members are in for a treat this month.
Mary Beth Shaw's designs are fabulous!
They are based on seeds and pods, 
with wonderfully organic shapes.

This reminded me of the center of a flower.
It was easy to put petals around it and set it iff with a background color.
Ready for some dates and doodles....

The 9x12 stencil has four designs on it....
oh so versatile!

I used the edge of that same design and doodled around it
on the inside cover of my Documented Life Project.

I love this 'kiwi-like' design.
I love doing the medallion type of edges and this one is perfect for that.

I tried blending in the design to what was already on my spread.
Don't the little chairs butt up against the fruit... oh so nicely? 
LOL Why Not!

I combined the kiwi design and the 6x6 pea pod design on this happy spread! 
I randomly opened my Daily to the middle and put this in. 
In a couple weeks you will see it done! 

My Feb 1 page started with the design that reminds me of the center of an apple.

Then right nestled up close to that is the flower.
Is it a squash flower? A starfruit? Hmmmmm....
In my Documented Life Project I am using the extra pages for odds and ends...
Lists I want to remember... Notes I want easily found....
Accessibility to my Prayer List...
How about notes for 
The Life Organizer by Jennifer Louden
(A Woman's Guide to a Mindful Year)
I have just started this....hence all the clear space!

And last but not least....
This sweet little dandelion puff!
Oh... can you imagine the darling spring hillside flower scenes 
you can create with this little puff???
Of course! 
Look at the texture this gives to my numbers below!

With a pen...being careful and exact.

With paint...being kind of controlled but relaxed in my application.
And on this last one... I am pretty messy about it!
HaHa...No control at all! But fun...and I like the look!

Have you joined the StencilClub yet? 
What are you waiting for? 

Happy Arting Everyone!


  1. Beautiful pages!! Love how you used the stencils as a jumping off point for more doodling!

  2. All your beautiful art is making my hands itch already for those stencils to land on my doorstep. Great idea to use them for The Documented Life project. As a fellow Lifer I might well follow suit.

  3. Love seeing the stencils used and such pretty colors!


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