Monday, February 10, 2014

Mary Beth's Musings

When the going gets tough, the tough get Doodling. Yep, I am a Doodling fool these days. You can see my Chevrons right here. Not that my life is 'tough' per se, it is just that kind of busy where hours and days pass before I know it and suddenly I am in a new month and ohmygosh, where is the year going already? And it is so C-O-L-D and gray that in the evenings I am mainly hunkered down with my hubby and kitties. The Doodle blocks keep me amused when I don't have time for a bigger project. 
And Journaling, since I decided to start keeping an Art Journal, I have become a tad obsessed with it, ok, truth be known, that is all I want to do, hahaha, deadlines beckon as I am working in my journal. I have set up an area in our living room where I can view the television while I journal in the evenings. This has been a lot of fun for me. Extremely gratifying to accomplish some artwork within these pages. Although the page shown below was actually from my Webinar, I am sure you have seen that already, the Webinar, right? It was fun to film and turned into quite a splash, good grief, I had no idea so many people would be interested in my thoughts on stencils.

But really it is Collage that is starting to tug at my heart strings again. You know Collage was the medium that set me on this art path and so making a collage feels in a certain way like returning home. The feel of the paper in my hands, playing with tiny snippets here and there, arranging them carefully on the page, oh be still my heart. I maintain quite a fondness for collage. Below is a greeting card I recently made to send to a friend. See that holey paper? I got that stuff at Random Arts last year and I just love it, such a weird paper it makes almost anything look so cool I reach for it over and over. I am looking forward to being back at Random Arts the end of March to share all things "Golden" that being Golden Paints, don't ya know!
What do you do on these cold days and nights? And what is your comfort zone, your 'returning home' art? I would enjoy hearing from you.

Stencils Used


  1. I think collage is my favourite also. And cold! We got frozen up here! lol

  2. I love Random Arts' Holey Paper! LOL, but I tend to hoard mine. Yeah, like I can't get more of it, lol.

  3. Life has been hectic with all kinds of life stuff these days and art has been put way too far away on the back burner. I am missing my art journal and most of all, slapping paint around and letting it lead me into that creative space that is my souls safe harbor in a lot of ways. Gotta pull that pot closer in!!!
    Love to imagine you playing so freely and cozily!
    Shine on, Awesome MB!!!!

  4. Much as I love painting, I keep going back to collage too. It's addictive.

  5. Haaa! Another Art 'A.D.D.' person!!!! There's just not enough time in the day to do all that we want to do, is there? I doodle for awhile, then I'll crochet - make little flowers and such, then I HAVE to get my hands painty so I'll paint or collage, OH! I need to go downstairs to the other other art studio and make some soldered ornaments!(Oh yes, bundle up because it's pretty cold down there) Wait, back upstairs because I haven't used my stencils yet today! Or my Gelli plate! Art Journal calls! Some days are like that for me Mary Beth. But not today - I have to be to work at 2:30 so I'm just going to work on my collage in my art journal for an hour or so, and layer up some stencils like I see you girls doing over at Stencil Girl - I totally love that! But on days when I don't have to be to work, I have this little battle going on inside me of what I really want to do, because I love it all. Thanks for your post, I love it! Love your doodling too!

  6. Love your Monday Musings, Mary Beth! Super inspiring post! You've got me doodling away in this never-ending winter. :)

  7. I see that Mary Beth is using some of my one of a kind "wholey paper" in her collage. To answer the question, I brought 3 bags of art supplies home from Random ARts today and plan to play with paper and glue and cutting and cards and letters. When you only have 3 bags of stuff it is very limited so I will work with what I have.

  8. Ohhh MB! I love your doodles...But I LOVE your art journal. Those colors make my heart sing! Me? I do whatever I am drawn to do on these cold evenings....stitching, doodling, painting...... It all depends!

  9. Can you post the link to the "webinar" please? I'm new here and Search This Blog didn't find anything. Lately I've been keeping a composition book, glue stick, and sharpies on my desk, and enjoy brief spurts of arty doodles and collage throughout the day. E.g., I pasted part of the fish sticks box by a comic strip in which the cat muses about food. LOL

    1. Here you go auntiemichal:


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