Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mary Beth Shaw Knows How to Design a Stencil!

Using Gelli Plate with Stencils

Carolyn Dube here. I'm going to say something you probably already know... Mary Beth Shaw knows how to design a stencil!  The moment I ripped open that wonderful StencilGirl envelope with March's StencilClub designs, I knew I had to play with them on the Gelli Plate.

While I was happily printing away, I remembered my plan to send a family member a little note.  Well, my family expects hand made cards from me so I whipped up a card or two with my prints.  Using Gelli Plate with Stencils

Using Gelli Plate with StencilsAfter making a sheet of pattern and color, I just cut them down to the size of the card.  They looked unfinished with a white border around them so I decided to paint the entire back of the card blue with the Gelli Plate to create the border.  I decorated the envelopes using up the extra blue paint on the plate.    

Want to know more about the monthly StencilClub?  You can find all the details over on the StencilGirl Website.

Carolyn Dube


  1. Those colors.. love. The cards.. love even more.

  2. What a great idea (and fun) to use gelli prints to make cards!

  3. That's very fun, and I love the colours!


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