Monday, March 10, 2014

Mary Beth's Monday Musings March 2014 Edition

It is time for another episode of Mary Beth's 
Monday Musings!

I have been a traveling girl lately. First I went to The Queen's Ink outside of Baltimore for a gig called StencilGirl Friendzy. It was a lot if fun - teaching with my art pals, Pam Carriker, Joanne Sharpe and Sue Pelletier. Since it was a journal class I got to play in my journal the whole time and that was a lot of fun. Great people. Amazing crab cakes. And I bought some cool bargain scarves ($3 for one of them if you can believe). Plus I had a piece of coconut cake as big as my head. Ahem....

After the class was over, my friend Deb took me into "The District" for dinner which was such a kick. I swear I am so geographically challenged I didn't even realize we were close to DC. It must be quite interesting to live near our nation's Capitol.

Caught a plane the next morning to Columbus, OH where I met up with the hubster for Artiscape. He and Carolyn Dube ran the stencil booth while I taught for 2 days.
I am originally from Ohio (Cincinnati) so it felt a bit like coming home.

Two classes. Brilliant students. It was very rewarding. And we got ice cream from Jeni's. All I've got to say about that is YUM. Serious YUM. I had Black Walnut Divinity and Salty caramel. The Black Walnut is a big treat and reminds me of the tree that was in front of my Grandparent's house. I love black walnuts.

I am a wee bit worn out. It takes a lot of energy to do this job, ha! I am way anxious to get home for a kitty cuddle (and a nap perhaps?) before I head to Random Arts in a few weeks.


  1. Love your Monday Musings, Mary Beth!
    Fun photos of your recent art adventures! :)

  2. Hey Mary Beth! Hope you made it home safely! Thanks for a GREAT class at Artiscape! I had never been before and totally loved it .. and will be back! Even with the time change and early class.. you got us to create and engage! My husband wants to use my board as his album cover! Thanks again! Kelly.. PS I think Jeni's ships! I will have to get you some of Jessica's granola to go on top!

    1. Oh wow, how exciting that your husband wants to use your art as an album cover, that totally rocks!! And yes, I have a feeling Jeni's would whether that is good or bad is the question ;)


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