Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wild Chevrons

Hi Stencil Lovers!
It's Janet here from Happy Reminders.
Who doesn't love a good chevron?

Andrew has designed 5 different chevron stencils.
They can be mixed and matched and combined all different ways!
His stencils are potentially complex but amazing in concept.
You can pretty much do whatever you want with them...
An extra Zig here ....
or a Zag there...
Little triangle toppers ...
or Line stretchers...
Whatever strikes your chevron fancy!
 I pounced a whole sheet of tissue paper with different combos...
I taped the adjoining holes to make it quick and easy to repeat the lines.
The tissue paper was wonderful. 
I used matte medium to glue pieces and parts of chevrons 
for my backgrounds.

I painted areas and then I glued more chevrons in...
I came across a torn piece of old scrapbook paper, 
a chipart flower and a sunflower torn from a magazine. 
I found the stamps in my pile from Unity Stamp Co.....a Melody Ross Stamp Set.
I just started playing with the greens and yellows.
Ohio is SO ready for springtime!

As soon as the flowers were outlined and accented...
'Grow Wild' just seemed to appear onto these green chevrons.
More flowers grew! 
Bigger and Bolder! 
One Free Spirit Flower stood alone! 
My big art journal is Happy...
And I am happy. 

Come see me at Happy Reminders.
I have two more projects using Andrew's Chevrons
that will be on my blog tomorrow!

Happy Arting friends. 


  1. Love how you made this piece!! Love how the chevrons in the background give texture but are not overpowering!!

    1. Thanks Michael! I love putting designs onto tissue paper so you can put them wherever you want!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Amante! You are very sweet! I added you to my google plus art circle!

  3. Janet, I soooo wish you would teach an online art journaling class!
    Your pages never cease to inspire me!!

    1. Hi Mary! Thanks so much!!! Forget online! Come and visit me for a long weekend! We would have fun!


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