Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Serene Goddess!

Hello Stencil Lovers!
Janet here, from Happy Reminders.
I had a lot of fun playing with this
Designed by Maria McGuire
She is such a deep, wise woman.
Look how she is meditating.
She looks like the queen of sorrows.
See the tears?

I used Pitt Pens and all sorts of different markers to shade and color her in.
I decided to emphasize some of the tears.....
and de-emphasize others.

I LOVE how she turned out...
so regal and queenly!

Here is another rendition of this wise woman....
She was stenciled on top of  a repeat of the new
When I receive a new stencil I kind of go crazy.
I used that lotus flower all over in the pages of my books!

It seemed like a perfect background to place this Serene Goddess.

And of course I have to show you how I used this stencil in my Daily.
I like pulling stencils apart and using bits and pieces of them.

I hope you enjoyed that peek into my art.
Come visit me on my blog anytime!


  1. Amazing, Janet!
    The amount of details and intricacies in this stencil is astonishing!

  2. An interesting how you use parts of it.

  3. Love this and your daily. I love how you take parts of stencils and use.


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