Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Doodle On A Scrapbook Page with Stencils

A great BIG welcome to NEW Creative Team Member.....
Jennifer Priest!

Hello, Jennifer Priest here with my first post for StencilGirl - so excited to be here! Today I'm sharing a simple scrapbook page that you can create with stencils and your favorite doodling pens.

I love the look of doodled letters but a full 12x12 page of freehand doodling is a little intimidating. Here's where stencils come in! I used the StencilGirl Rafters 9x12 Stencil because of all of the wonderful geometric shapes it had and the way it would divide up this page into smaller pieces that I could doodle easily.

Rather than tackle an entire page at once, stencils break a 12x12 background paper into smaller, easy to doodle sections. Here's how to doodle on a scrapbook page with stencils:

If you cannot see the video, please click HERE.
  1. Choose your favorite stencil to use as a pattern.
  2. Gather pens to doodle with and a piece of 12x12 cardstock to doodle on.
  3. Tape the stencil to the paper with washi tape and start doodling in each section of the stencils. Write, scribble, or draw in the sections to make patterns.
  4. Repeat until the page is covered with doodles, as desired.
  • Stencil Girl Rafters 9x12 Stencil 
  • Sakura Moonlight Pens
  • Black 12x12 Cardstock
  • Washi Tape
  • Craft Knife
  • Assorted Embellishments: Buttons, Brads, Sequins
  • Tape Runner
  • Adhesive Dots
I like to put down my photos first so I only doodle the paper that will be showing on the layout. Use embellishments to dress up any empty stenciled sections; I used buttons, brads, and sequins on this page. I used some of the washi tape to add a bit of pattern to the page and to compliment the lines in my doodles.

Have you ever doodled with a stencil? Please share in the comments section!

Than you for visiting theStencilGirl Talk blog today ;) To see more inspiring stencils, check out the StencilGirl website. For more of my work, please visit Hydrangea Hippo

Happy Creating!


  1. Love how you did this video. AND what a cool idea! :0)

  2. Yay, Jennifer, welcome aboard. So happy to see you doodling too!

  3. Hi Jennifer. Good to see you here and sharing your creativity!

  4. What a great colorful page. I love the doodle with stencils idea. I don't zentangle but to me this is so much more access able!

  5. Welcome to the family Jennifer!

  6. Yay, Jennifer! So glad you are going to be getting your Stencil Girl On and sharing with us. Looking forward to your projects. Thanks for the video. Doodling is so fun and therapeutic.

  7. Great video - what a fun and simple technique! I am going to look at my stencils with a fresh eye. Thanks for the inspiration!


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