Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fun With Jamie Fingal's June Stencil Club selections

Greetings!  Leslie here. I had so much fun with Jamie Fingal's wonderful stencils for the June 2014 StencilClub from StencilGirl.

Each has a "stitch" theme, which is right down my alley.  That said, there is only a wee bit of cloth in my projects.  If you haven't decided to join Stencil Club I think you might be inspired to after you see these fun (and exclusive for Club members!) stencils.

I played around with three different ideas using the stencils.  First, I had a paper/cloth collage that had been assembled for another project and never completed.  It is fairly delicate as the papers are thin.
This collage has a paint-covered paper towel (stained from wiping a paintbrush on it),
a doily, pattern paper, a disposable facial washcloth, and a piece of silk organza.

I'm in love with these Golden High Flow acrylic paints!

Since I plan to stitch over my stencil mark it is not necessary for the paint to have a strong presence.

You can see the faint arc of the vine..

And here is the stencil over my collage as I apply paint to the right side.

Using 3 strands of embroidery floss I stitched the leaves and vine.

Next, I used my own bird design in the center of the collage.  
This bird is larger than the one on the stencil because I needed it to be larger in the piece.

Stitch work on the bird.

Last, I used monofilament thread to stitch the delicate collage to a piece of hot press
watercolor paper.  The thread is invisible, allowing the collage to "float" on the surface.
I think this will look great as a framed piece.

Next, I wanted to use the vine stencil inside this previously mono printed paper.

I placed the original stencil (Face Map by Pam Carriker)
over the paper in the same position as when the mono print was pulled.
Next, I overlaid Jamie's stencil and lightly pounced through the vine portion.

This is exactly what I was after:  a faint ghosting of the mark!

Oh, how I love this stencil!  It looks like the bobbins in my BERNINA!
Time for some tag fun!

Also, I used Ferro paste to stencil over a previously printed paper.

Using another element from the large stencil (the needle and thread) I added this element
with more Ferro Paste.

Then I wrote into the design...

and glued it into my sketchbook after I drew larger "bobbins" in 
the same style as Jamie's stencil.

Here are the two tags I printed using the bobbin and the "stitch" stencil.
I love these patterns and will use them frequently, I can tell!

I certainly had fun playing with the June StencilClub selections.  I hope you will, too! Not a member?? Better hurry, only a few hours left to become a member to start with these designs from Jamie! Get all the information and sign-up HERE.

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