Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June StencilClub Inspiration

Hi! Mary Nasser here today to show you what I did with the EXCLUSIVE
June 2014 StencilClub stencils designed by Jamie Fingal!

When I saw these stencils, I just knew I had to use all three!
And I knew I wanted to use the 9” x 12” in its entirety, rather than just parts of it.
I also thought of my mom – who is amazing at sewing! She sewed lots of my clothes growing up!
I thought these images would be delightful on a wooden box to hold all Mom’s extra buttons.

For this project, I used a Cornice Box from Wood Hollow.
(So glad I learned about Wood Hollow from our StencilGirl Hop with them!)
Can I just say the dimensions of this box made it ideal for using all three stencils in this set?!
The top measures 9.19” x 11.96” – perfect for the 9” x 12” stencils. The height of the box is 3.36” high, making it tall enough to incorporate parts of both the 6” x 6” and 4” x 4” stencils.

Other supplies I used were Wendy Vecchi archival ink in Cornflower Blue, Orange Blossom and
Potting Soil, cosmetic sponges, paper plates, blue painter’s tape, fine sandpaper,
and a 3M microfiber reusable tack cloth (this wipes away/captures sawdust after using sandpaper).

First I taped the 9” x 12” stencil to the top of the box. I pounced the square end of my cosmetic sponge onto the Cornflower Blue ink pad. Be sure to pounce the excess ink onto your paper plate before pouncing directly up and down on the stencil.
Go lightly on the ink – I mean really lightly.

If you pounce too much ink onto the wood surface it will bleed and crawl (this sounds much grosser than it really is).
If this does happen though – fear not! You can use your sandpaper as an eraser.
Yes, it takes a little elbow grease, especially if you’re using the fine grit like I did.
(I had to sand the top of my box where I got a bit heavy-handed with the blue ink.)
But it’s great to have the option of “erasing” mistakes, particularly if you want the wood surface
to remain visible and not painted.

Next, I taped the 6” x 6” stitch stencil on the top edge and lightly pounced Orange Blossom ink through a horizontal portion of the stencil.
re-positioned the stencil and repeated this process until the top edges had been filled.

Lastly, I taped the 4” x 4” bobbin stencil onto the lower edge, and using Potting Soil ink,
repeated the process to apply bobbins around the sides of the box.

Below are details of my project:

Being in StencilClub has great benefits, and I’m proud to say I’ve been a member since its inception!
Not only do I love getting 3 exclusive stencils mailed to me each month, but I also get tons of inspiration from each video tutorial and the other StencilClubbers in the secret Facebook group!

Happy Stenciling!


  1. Your mom will love this! What a great gift idea! xo

  2. What a great gift! And I love how you kept the box natural and used the stencils and some color to change it, rather than start with painting the whole box. Great work!!

    1. Thank you, Michael! Yes, I wanted to keep the beautiful natural wood showing. Was new for me to start without painting the whole box first...but fun!!

  3. Soooo cute! Love the colors you chose.

  4. Leave it to you, Mary, to design a clean graphic use of the stencils. I always love how crisp your designs are even when you do paint first. This is sic ha great idea for these stencils. I do have some cigar boxes, hmmm do I have any plain wood?

    1. Thank you for your comment, Denise! :) Glad you like the project, too!

  5. I really like this. The simplicity of the design reminds me of the vintage embroidery patterns (which I LOVE). That blue is exactly the right color.

    1. Thank you, Mary Beth! It's such a blast being in StencilClub!!

  6. Mary, this is the special kind of gift that's treasured forever! Lovely job!

  7. The box looks fabulous. And I'm going to check out the stencil club. Hope you have a fantastic day!


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