Saturday, July 12, 2014

This is Your Brain on Stencils

Carolyn Dube here and this what a brain looks like on stencils, well at least what I think my brain looks like on stencils... Mary Beth Shaw's StencilClub designs, inspired by cells, has me thinking neurons and brain cells and playing with paint!

I started with some fiber paste through the 6x6 stencil on a scrap of painted cardboard.  It was a dirty stencil so some colors bled and I like it when it bleeds.  That sounds terrible, I only like it when stencils bleed - not people, not animals... 

Next I played and slathered it with colors of paint and splatters of inks. 

The last step was tracing the channels and lines of the stencil in the fiber paste with some white paint. 

And here is Maria's brain on stencils....

LOVE sharing the post with Carolyn!!!! I think one of the best things about stencils is to see how 2 different people can get their hands on them at the same time and come up with TOTALLY different inspiration from them!

The minute I got these stencils I decided to doodle with them.  I used a piece of foam board that I had cut from a previous project that was 9" x 9" inches. Doing the total opposite of Carolyn's bright, beautiful color, I used only a black Sharpie and these 3 stencils. Here is a little of my process for you!

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  1. What great ideas, Maria and Carolyn! I have trouble getting good results with fiber paste, Carolyn, but you have just the right touch! And Maria, I love the look of zendoodling so your designs really hit the spot for me! Kudos to you both! :-)

  2. LOVE that you two teamed up for today's post! Both projects are spectacular...and completely different from each others even though they are inspired by the same stencils! WONDERFUL! :)

  3. LOVE these!! Great colors and texture

  4. Only Carolyn would say This Is Your Brain On Stencils. ����

  5. It is amazing how the same stencils can lead artists in such different directions! Love both results.


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