Wednesday, November 19, 2014

StencilGirl Guest Designer Maryjo McGraw

Welcome to StencilGirl Guest Designer
Maryjo McGraw!!!!

Any of you that know me, know that I am a texture FREAK! 
Stencils help me create incredible texture fast and with just a few products. Today I will be using StencilGirl Stencils, Mixed Media paper from Strathmore, Alcohol pens (like Copic & Sharpie) Pitt Pens, Dylusion Sprays and Montana Spray paint. 

Most of my art these days gets done while sitting on the couch so my basket of pens is nearby and I can whip out a page anytime.

I try to keep things sporadic and I move the stencil around often. Starting out with Copic pens and the Circles Circles stencil I just randomly trace over areas.stencil.

 Add the Warped Holes stencil to the random pen markings. 
A few light sprays with Dylusions in orange. Then add in some deep pink.

Then some deep purple. Allow all of these layers to dry well. 
This amount of wetness may make your paper curl. You have two options to fix it ASAP; Iron the paper (which is what I did) or wet the back of the paper with water.

Here I spray a light coat of Montana white. 
This will allow me to continue using alcohol pens. I like to let these pages sit outside for a while just to air out.

Added a layer of Montana pink. You could layer with a light spray of gesso or more Dylusions. Moving on to the Doris, A Vintage Woman stencil.....just a quick orange outline.

A fill in with deep purple Copic.

Now I color in with Pitt Pen White. This is a thin white that you can use to highlight or truly fill in with completely. I will be filling areas but you will be able to see the pattern underneath. When I layer with this pen I tend to start with vertical stroke then horizontal then diagonal.

First layer is dry; continue layering.

This is where my painting instincts take over and I start highlighting and shadowing where I think I should, softening the harsh edges of the shadows.

Layering a single line of white over the darkest shadow.

 Add in highlights in the turban

Add in drawn elements more circles over the background in orange. 
Dark Blue and purple over the darkest shadows.

 The final page....more white on the face. 

Find out more about Maryjo here:


  1. Love this! I never think to use my Copics! So happy you are on the blog today Maryjo.

  2. What a fun technique! Thank you, Maryjo :) I like to make art 'from the couch' too, hehehe. Thank you for being a Guest Designer for us.

  3. love it. Wonderful tutorial and result.

  4. Gorgeous artwork, Maryjo! Love the fun technique to create layers and variety and a rich surface!

  5. Love this way of doing art. I like to do some journal work from the couch too. So glad to see you here MaryJo.

  6. The stencils you used are among my special favorites, and your beautiful artwork shows why I love them so much.

  7. Doris is gorgeous. Love the way you build your piece up. Thanks for all the info.

  8. I really like this. Starting with random marks, interesting...bea

  9. What beautiful work! I loved seeing your process - lots of inspiring ideas for me to try out! Thanks!

  10. I loved seeing your process - lots of inspiring ideas for me to try out! Thanks!

  11. Mary Jo - so nice to see you here and sharing your work! Stephanie


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