Wednesday, December 3, 2014

StencilGirl Guest Designer Lisa Becker

Welcome to Guest Designer Lisa Becker!!!!

At Art GlassArray, we use A LOT of stencils in our work!  Combining powdered glass with sheet glass and the knowledge of chemical reactions different colors make together leads to some cool shading and layering techniques. I think that mixed media in glass will be the hottest trends for the warm glass industry!

I’d like to show you a bit about how some of our pieces are made using StencilGirl Stencils.  I’m starting my project off with the Strands DNA #1 stencil and adding a base layer of teal glass and using my oh-so-favorite powdered glass called French Vanilla to sift through the stencil. By using this combination, after it is fired in the kiln, it will look like I also added brown shading, but it is just the chemical make-up of the two glass colors that make the shades of brown. 

Next I am going to make some powder wafers for the flower and stem from the  Layered Peonies stencil. Wafers are super thin pieces of glass. These accent pieces have to be made in “reverse”. I start with the outline of the peony, then move to the petals, and finally cover the entire flower with a layer of (you guessed it) French Vanilla.

So, all these pieces are fired separately in the kiln. After they are cool, I remove them and begin layering them together. After they are layered in the way I want, they go through an additional firing to melt the entire “collage” into one piece. Here’s the finished work!

About Lisa Becker and Art Glass Array:
Lisa Becker has been working with glass for over 18 years. She teaches her signature “Graffiti Glass class (using stencils, airbrushing, and powder techniques) nationally as well as other glass specific techniques. She opened Art Glass Array to the public in 2008 and is the largest glass supplier, studio, and warm glass teaching center in St. Charles County. You can find out more about the class offerings at and see more of Becker’s work at


  1. Wow, this is great, I love how many ways you can use the stencils. And meeting new artists is wonderful.

  2. Lisa, this is so fascinating! Thank you for being a guest designer, I truly enjoyed reading about your process. Beautiful work. And I *miss* seeing you and your crack up Mom. Hope you have a beautiful holiday. xo

  3. Lisa - this was all completely new to me and I loved reading about it. I just love the finished piece, and the process that went into it. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with SG!


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