Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Pick Me a Daisy!

Hi Kirsten Reed here today to help brighten your April daisies!  Daisies are such a simple unassuming flower and one of my favorites.

I began with a small 4x6 canvas that I put some paint on....kind of mixture of light blue and gray.

I chose Carolyn Dube's Picasso's Words stencil to use in my background.  I am really drawn to stencils with letters and words because of my background in writing and I often find myself incorporating words in to my art even if they aren't always "legible".

Once the paint dried, I placed the stencil over my canvas and dabbed paint off through the stencil with a wet paper towel.  I usually use a baby wipe, which works better, but I grabbed what was handy.

See how the words are in white - really just a lack of paint.

Once the canvas dried I used molding paste and made me a daisy!

But one wasn't enough, so I repeated the process and did a second canvas with baby daisies!

I finished up by adding paint in for stems and grass and some shading.

 Hope you enjoyed! Happy Spring!!

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  1. Wonderful canvas. Thanks for sharing this technique!

  2. Love love love how you did this Kirsten! The daisies are so happy!


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