Friday, May 8, 2015

NEW Stencil Release from Cathy Taylor and StencilGirl Products

NEW Today!
Join us in welcoming NEW 
We are thrilled to have Cathy's talents here at StencilGirl. Here is a Mary Beth with a video welcome and then Cathy is here too to show you one of the ways that she used her Windswept Tree stencil!!!

Take it away Mary Beth!

Can't see the video? Click to watch on YouTube.
Look what Mary Beth made with Klimt!

Ready to see the stencils?? 
The artwork accompanying them is by Cathy. After that, scroll down for Cathy to show you a fun technique with stencils!

Klimt Forest

Ready for Cathy's tutorial????

Shaving Cream and Stencils
It's clean, it smells good and it makes great art!!!!  

Cathy has a quick tutorial that will get you BIG results!

  • Start by quirting some shaving cream into a cookie sheet with sides.  
  • Smooth it out with a ruler or scraper...just like icing a cake.  
  • Drip lots of drops of alcohol ink all over the shaving cream.  
  • Use a toothpick to swirl the ink around creating cool marbling effects.  It will look delicious.
  • Gently tap the Windswept stencil into the shaving cream.
  • Now take a sheet of Bristol paper or watercolor paper and place on top and smooth.
  • Remove paper and scrape off the shaving cream with scraper!!!  If there is ink left in the saving cream, do it again for a softer effect. Don't forget the stencil!  
  • Place the goopy stencil on paper and gently tap. 

Remove and scrape away shaving cream..TA DA


  1. Cathy's work is ALWAYS outstanding!! This is even more proof of that, Cathy! Congratulations!

  2. Cool technique! Awesome stencils too!

  3. Oh, I am in love again. Beautiful designs. Funny thing is I was just wanting to try that Marbella technique. Saw a video yesterday. The windswept tree is perfect I this technique.

  4. Gorgeous! I had stopped using the shaving cream marbelling technique, but I'm now going back to it -- and I agree with Denise that the windswept tree is perfect for this kind of project! Love these results!

  5. I LOVE the windswept shaving cream trees!! Pretty, pretty, pretty!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Grandma Nancy in central IL


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