Friday, May 22, 2015

StencilGirl Guest Artist Jane Davies

Welcome to StencilGirl Guest Designer Jane Davies!!!

I used stencils to make black and white papers for collage.  The sponge roller allows you to apply the paint evenly and quickly through the stencil.

I’m using stencils designed by Daniella Woolf and Mary Beth Shaw for StencilGirl.

Picket Fences       and   Random Circles

Can't see the video? Watch on YouTube.

Here are the papers created in the video:

I recommend that, before using the papers for collage, you give them a light, gentle, coat of matte medium. This will keep the black paint from smearing onto the white, and also give the paper more body.  Have fun!

Now head on over to Jane's Blog, CollageJourneys, she will be showing some of the finished collages today!

Please visit Jane's Gallery to see more of her work.


  1. I have a sponge roller somewhere and I've never thought to use it... this is such a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration :) Heading over now to see the finished collages :D

  2. Such fun techniques! Loved the video!
    Looking forward to making some more of my own stenciled papers to collage into my work!

  3. Thanks, Jane, for yet another great video! And I love the collages you're showing on your COLLAGE JOURNEYS blog!

  4. I never tire of watching Jane work. Wonderful stencils.

  5. I love love love Jane'swork. I am excited to see her here. SG has the best Artists!

  6. There isn't a stencil on the Stencil Girls website that I don't want! Thanks, Jane!

  7. i have been watching several times Jane's video on pinterest since fews years. Love her work


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