Friday, June 26, 2015

Stenciled Placemats with StencilGirl Guest Designer Celia Block

Welcome to StencilGirl Guest Designer Celia Block!!

Hi everyone! My name is Celia Block. I am a decorative painter from West Bloomfield, Michigan. I love StencilGirl stencils!!! I am so happy to have been asked to share a project with you! This project can be done with any fast drying acrylic paints. 

Looking around at the summer gardens inspired this Burst of Flowers placemat. 

Start with a canvas placemat. I use the pre-cut ones made by Frederix Canvas. These may be available at your local craft store. I order mine from  They are pre-primed and ready to paint!  Using a 4” mini roller, I applied General Finishes Milk Paint in Chocolate Brown…2 coats on each side. 

I cut a piece of stencil mylar into a 5x12 piece. Spray lightly on one side with repositionable Spray Adhesive. I like Krylon Easy Tack. Allow to dry for about 15 minutes.  Love these sectioned plates for keeping my paints separate! poured out several green shades of Modern Masters Metallics. 

Center piece of vinyl on the placemat, pressing gently into place. This isolates the center area. 

Fold several paper towels in to 4 for blotting off paint. Start with Vines Stencil.

I prefer to use a 2.5 “ stencil brush. It covers lots of area quickly. You only need one brush. Just wipe previous color off on your paper towel and dip in new color. Dip tip of brush into darkest paint color. off load paint onto your folded paper towel until almost dry. Gently stipple over the stencil. keep moving stencil around the placemat randomly. 

Yours should look like this. 

Continue layering with the other green metallic paints, working from dark to light colors. 

In new tray, pour our warm metallic colors…gold, red, orange, purple, lavender. 

Remove vinyl template from center.

Now for the flowers! Randomly stencil with 9x23 stencil from the April 2015 StencilClub designs, working from the edges toward the center. use all your warm colors randomly. 

Place the stencil in the center open space and play with all your flower colors. Gold looks great for the flower centers! Also pictured Deconstructed Floral Bouquet stencil.

Using Deconstructed Zinnia stencil, place anywhere you want to fill a space.

Its easy to check your work by holding edge of stencil and lifting edge up to peek. if you need more paint, just flip it back down and continue painting. When you love your flower garden, just of back over edges and add leaves in lightest green paint as needed.

Seal with 2 coats of Modern Masters Masterclear for metallic paints. This sealer retains the metallic shimmer of your paints.

Voila! A flower garden placemat!!! 

Have a question or comment for Celia on her process?? Leave her a comment below or find her on her Facebook Page.

Stencils Used:


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing your process... I think I'd be afraid to eat on them and ruin them!

  2. Celia, I absolutely *love* these and they would look marvelous in my kitchen, hehehe. I need to make some asap!! Great tutorial, thank you so much for using our stencils :)

  3. What an incredible new use (to me anyway) for stencils! I would love to give this a try. How well does the sealant hold up to wiping up spills/food? Thanks!

  4. Aww, these are so pretty and cheerful, I love the stenciled placemats! Thanks so much for sharing, I'll be linking.


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