Monday, June 15, 2015

USArtQuest and Stencil Fun...Day 1

There was a wonderful surprise at Artiscape this year!  The StencilGirl crew got to spend some time with Susan Pickering Rothamel.  She was a bit scared of us all at first since we...well...I mean I (Carolyn Dube) was stalking her a bit...but she warmed up to us in no time!

Here's Mary Beth Shaw (the creative mastermind behind StencilGirl's magic), Susan Pickering Rothamel, me, Maria McGuire, and Janet Joehlin.  John Shaw was there but he was manning the booth while Maria cooked up a blog hop plan!

Day One

See Mary's project on her Blog

See my project on my Blog

What was Susan demoing all day that me stalking her?    She took a plain canvas and built it up with colors and textures.  First she started with Artist's Cement and the Leaves stencil by Daniella Woolf.
Then bits of torn paper was glued on with PPA, a glue that won't warp paper!

But as talented as Susan is...she had no magical way to skip the drying time.  

She was so generous in her explanations during her demo as she showed how to incorporate Mica tiles, Prills (my favorite), Great Tape, and more!  

I could watch her demo all day but apparently Susan likes to sleep at night...

Here's a closer photo so you can see all the texture built up on this canvas.

Be sure to stop back Tuesday and Wednesday for more USArtQuest and stencil fun!


  1. Great post, Carolyn! That was such a fun event. Happy memories for sure :)

  2. Love seeing the layers on that canvas! Looks like such fun!

  3. A perfect match-up -- StencilGirl and USArtQuest! Only sorry I never had the opportunity to meet Susan while I was living in Michigan ... but I did buy all her videos, which may now be on DVD ... ?

  4. Stalking!!?? Not you, Carolyn. .. just showing interest, I'd say...
    tabertooth at g mail dot com

  5. Beautiful. I love the three posts so far.

  6. You created "Summer" for me! And thank you for showing me a must-have stencil LOL. ;)

  7. You created "Summer" for me! And thank you for showing me a must-have stencil LOL. ;)


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