Friday, July 3, 2015

July Stencil Club Sci Fi style

Carolyn Dube here....A star chart, a funky world, and orbits!  Mary C. Nasser's designs for this month's StencilClub spoke to my inner sci-fi nerd.  

I started by just doing a sloppy stencil job with acrylic paints.  It's on there pretty heavy and took forever to dry but once it did, I had texture.  

After I let it dry, which was my exercise in patience for the day, I kept adding more layers of color. 

That 4x4 couldn't be left out so the orbits and the orange paint finished up my trio of circular things.  

What's an art journal page without a bit of journaling...I added a bit of sci-fi speak here in an alien language from Stargate SG-1. I can't really speak or write it but since nobody can read my writing (including me) I can pretend it is anything I want!  Thanks Mary for making my inner nerd so happy!


  1. Love the layers and texture, color and movement in this, Carolyn! Fantastic!!

  2. Inventive and full of eye appeal, Carolyn!

  3. Love the layers of color and your Stargate alien script... lol. Looks awesome!


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