Sunday, August 2, 2015

How Do I Store My Stencils???

Our #1question at StencilGirl!!!!!
How the HECK do I store my STENCILS??!
Watch our NEW video from Mary Beth and the StencilGirl Team!!

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We hope you got some ideas! 
We want to see YOUR stencil storage ideas.
How do you show us????
Just post a photo and/or link to any of our social media pages linked below.
#stencilgirlstencilstorage #stencilgirl
We would LOVE to share YOUR ideas too!

Here are links to some of the products our team talked about in the video. Have a question?? Just leave us a comment below.

Items Mary Beth Mentioned:

Items Maria Mentioned:

Items Gwen Mentioned:


  1. Lots of great ideas there....I lean towards the hanging easy.

  2. I agree with the hanging storage. No waiting for things to dry first. And I can flip through them quickly. Yay!

  3. I enjoyed watching the video and seeing the different ways people store their stencils. I only have a handful of stencils, so I can easily keep them in an expandable folder. I separate them by maker. Guess I should be thinking ahead to how to store more as I am sure I won't be able to resist adding more stencils to my collection.

  4. Mary Beth I am like you in that I have to see to use. If something is put away I tend to forget about it; however, my stencils are stuck in ring binders in plastic covers. I do not like to have to open the binder and go thru every page (and believe me I own half of Stencil Girl stencils!) I am so glad I watched this video and I will definitely find a way to hang my stencils as soon as I find a free area in my "Sue-Dio"! (my husband was just here calling me a hoarder and that I need an art product intervention!) WELL!! Thanks for the video. sue

  5. Thanks so much for these ideas. Mine are stored all flat on top of each other but in their original plastic to keep the tangles as bay. BUT this is hard to sort through and I'm in the middle of reorganizing my crap room so will do stencils next. This is a great help along with the links for the uline j hooks and other things. I do have a spare space under one of my tables that I could use to hang stencils but can't figure out how to attach the wire/rope/dowel yet.

  6. Great ideas! I'm in my third redo of my stencil organization and this has been so helpful. Thanks.

  7. Thanks for sharing this. I put mine in a file folder-actually my dd did for me! Hopefully that will work better than the ring binders.

  8. I am going to write a longer message but one thing I note is that you all have an idea what you are painting. I on the other hand really do not. When you comment about my stencil use the grab method means that anything can come up. I do hang mine with j hooks and tie racks but I don't like it.

  9. Oops. How do you make a stamp from a stencil??


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