Thursday, September 24, 2015

Stenciled Spider Web Pillow

by June Pfaff Daley
Halloween is without a doubt my very favorite project holiday. What gets me is that mix of the whimsical, mysterious and sometimes creepy themes along with the bold color palette that often includes bright orange, black, white, neon purple and even lime green.
I had an idea in my head for this project, but it didn’t really come together until I found the spiders. I flipped when I found these purple glittered gems (Halloween aisle at Hobby Lobby.) If you can’t locate glittered spiders, it would be easy enough to take a plain plastic spider, apply adhesive and glitter it up yourself. After the spiders, finding the perfect trim was on my list. I loved how this particular white trim reminded me of a thick spider web. I already had the black fabric on hand which had a light pattern, but plain black fabric would work just as well. With these key elements in hand, here’s how I put it all together.
StencilGirl Spider Web Stencil
white fabric paint
stencil brush or paint brush
54 inches of white trim
11” x 14” preprinted black fabric
11” x 14” white backing quilting fabric
11” x 14” cotton batting
11” x 14” pillow back fabric
Polyfil pillow filler
glittery purple spiders (2)
sewing machine
fabric scissors

1)  Center the 9” x 12” spider web stencil on the black fabric. You will have a 1” border on all sides of stencil. Use a stencil or paint brush and white fabric paint to stencil the design on the fabric. Stencil unevenly to get a rich effect of light and dark values.

tip: I often use a product called Stencil Stik to spray on my stencil when stenciling on fabric. This helps the stencil stay firmly in place.

2) After the paint is dry, make a quilt sandwich: stenciled fabric, batting, backing fabric. Pin together with safety pins. Then quilt with purple thread using a sewing machine following the black lines of the web.

3) After the front of the pillow is quilted, make another sandwich. This time pin together the pillow front with wrong side facing out, trim with the edge lined up with edge of fabric, and pillow back with wrong side facing out. Sew approx. ¼” all the way around leaving an opening large enough to turn pillow and fill with Polyfil. Hand stitch the remaining opening shut.

4) Finally stitch the spiders around the middle of their bodies to the front of the pillow.
The spooky pillow is complete. Happy Halloween!
For another fun Halloween project, click here to check out Maria McGuire's spider web designed pumpkin.
 June Pfaff Daley is a mixed media artist who creates with everything from wood to fabric. She enjoys transforming thrift store treasures and favors whimsical motifs. June resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with three fantastic kids, one supportive husband, a darling dog and a charming cat. Visit her website:


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