Friday, October 9, 2015

StencilGirl Artist Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch!

StencilGirl Products is DELIGHTED to have StencilGirl Artist
Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch on the blog today!!
Take it away, Patricia!

Way back in the beginning of time….
StencilGirl time that is!
I got the privilege of designing stencils for Mary Beth.
Having just reconnected at my first annual EncaustiCamp,
Mary Beth invited me to design some stencils that would reflect the art I am passionate about: encaustic!
(2010 encausticamp with MB and I front and center)

Thus, way back in 2010, I designed five stencils for her newly established StencilGirl line.
And look what’s happened since!
EncaustiCamp has seen its fifth anniversary and international venues added into the Seattle location,
and StencilGirl is nearing the 800-designs mark for their incredible line of artist-designed stencils.
Milestones. Beautiful milestones!

This past week I was in New Orleans for the first time,
graciously attending a week-long workshop with Golden Artist Colors.
My love for my stencils was relit as printmaking in the Golden way set my creativity alight~
Today I begin my first workshop in my new studio and home in Lexington, Kentucky; the encausticastle.

Participants are thrilling over these five designs put to mylar those five years ago, in new and beautiful ways.
It never ceases to amaze me the beauty possible in the willingness to explore and try new things.

(workshop attendee Patti creating on wax with stencil and PanPastel!)

Stencils were that for me nearly six years ago.

They showed me that again this week.
The beauty is possible and evolving and I look forward to the playtime and all that comes!

You can find all of Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch's StencilGirl stencils HERE, and for TODAY ONLY...
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Be sure to visit Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch's website at
and join her on Instagram at, too!


  1. Love that group photo and its joy!

  2. So great learning more about you and your art, Patricia! I love, love, love my String Stencil designed by you!! :)

  3. I love the happy group photo. And I want to know what the fist two stencils are? I love them. Are they available? I did not see them in the link?

  4. Just beautiful, Love your home it looks like a castle!!!

  5. I adore Patricia's art! thanks for having her guest design! Would love to take a class in person with her someday ")


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