Thursday, November 19, 2015

NEW Stencil Release Day at StencilGirl!


Three NEW artists! Gwen Lafleur, Suzi Dennis and Laura Fraedrich!

Gwen Lafleur
We are so excited that Gwen has added yet another title to her StencilGirl list of contributions--ARTIST!
She has NINE new designs that are incredibly detailed and amazing!

Here is Mary Beth to welcome Gwen to her new role StencilGirl!

Ready to see Gwen's stencils??

Ornamental Peacock 9" x 12"

Here is Mary Beth to welcome Suzi to the StencilGirl Famiily!

Watch the video on YouTube

Here are Suzi's new designs!!!

Please make sure and stop by Suzi's blog today. 
She has a tutorial for you using her new designs.

Here is Mary Beth to welcome Laura to the StencilGirl Family!

Here are Laura's stencils:


  1. This is really exciting news! Quite a long list of new stencils to buy! Thanks for the videos and inspiring artwork!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful welcome Mary Beth! It's so exciting! Especially to be releasing my designs with the wonderful stencils from Suzi and Laura!


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