Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Art Journaling Inspiration with Stencils from Carol Wiebe

is on a roll showing us even more fabulous inspiration with her new stencil designs from StencilGirl.
Take it away Carol!!!!

Journal Pages and a Painting

1--This journal spread depicts my mother’s move from the farm to the city as a young woman. I used the following stencils:   City Encompassed, Intersected Moon, Lunar Symbols, Trio of Trees. See Links below post.

2--Stencils are, for me, mark and drawing aids. They can be layered, extended, painted over, whatever. They are not sacrosanct. The “child” in this piece is, however. The word auspicious points to that. I extended the moon and leaves of Verdant Moon and like the way they echo the womb shape and growth of the female figure. 

3--This mixed media painting uses the “stone border” of Verdant Moon. I intend to make those Xs into a stencil, soon. I use Xs everywhere. Notice that the word Mistakes is backwards. I have turned the word on its head, so to speak, because I do not believe in mistakes. They are simply learning opportunities, and look how they have fired up the synapses in the brain of the woman whose face you see (mine).

4--This is another journal spread featuring my mother, this time at work in the big city (she is on the far left). i know the woman on the right, my Aunt Mary, but the woman in the middle was a mystery and she has morphed into a smiley face.Once again, I used the “stones” from Verdant Moon. Now, however, they are reminiscent of bricks.  

Inline image 1

Inline image 2

Inline image 4

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