Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Final 10 StencilGirl New Stencil Releases of 2015

As promised, going into the final stretch of 2015, StencilGirl brings you 6 inch by 6 inch stencils designed by Carol Wiebe and Daniella Woolf!

There's 10 total!  Why?  Because.... we are addicted to creating art!

On that note, lets begin with the 4 stencils designed by

Carol Wiebe

Carol says: "I love to collage, so I used the stencils to make patterns on copy paper with black acrylic paint. Then, I cut up the stenciled machine parts and placed pieces of them in different configurations around the page. It is a fun way to work with stencils, and "make them your own."

S348 Nested Squares Open
S346 Machinations 2
S347 Machinations WP

S349 Nested Squares Full
Here is another of Carol's journal pages, this time she is subtle in her use of S349

Carol's TIP: 
An artist is free to use as little or as much as she wants to of a given stencil!
Flourish by Carol Wiebe
"We get these moments of grace in our lives that are so significant that they encourage us to flourish," Carol says. "However, a flourish is also the name of a decoration. I thought it would be interesting to represent that huge thing by a rather insignificant one."

We'll share Carol's insights and more art she made with her S346, S347, S348, and S349 stencils in our January Scoop newsletter!

Daniella Woolf's 6 New Stencils

It's interesting how the use of color on a stencil can change what it brings to mind. Do these images make you think of a place?
Umbrella in shades of green

Umbrella in black and white

What color will you use first on Daniella's Umbrella stencil?


Daniella's creative process around these stencils had to do with travel and photography.

S342 Earth Crackles
S343 Sweet Bundles

Dried mud along the shores of the Mei Kong River in Vietnam inspired Earth Crackles and... 

Sweet Bundles derived from a packages at a road-side snack shop, also in Vietnam.

S345 Tide Pool

Tide pools capture the sea. 
Daniella captured colors with her Tide Pool stencil and you can use her technique (pictured above) to capture your own tide pool:

1. Spray stencil with water. 
2. Rub Inktense block over the surface.
3. Re-wet.
4. Print on paper.

S344 Spiral Fillets
The inspirations for S344 and 
S340 are approaching 6,000 
miles apart! 

But we are going to 
keep you guessing until The Scoop
Newsletter is sent 
in January.

Face It stencil printed on raw silk.
S340 Face It
Stencils can be used on all manner of surfaces.

Daniella printed these final 2 samples of "Faces" on silk.
Face It stencil printed on silk.
Thanks for joining us on StencilGirl Talk!  We'll share a bit more about these 10 stencils on in the next issue of The Scoop and we'll reveal more exclusive StencilGirl Club stencils here on StencilGirl Talk in January!


  1. What a wonderful way to close out 2015 -- with some of the very best stencils ever! Love them!!!

  2. Si love every one of them so wonderful! The samples are so cool.

  3. gosh love them all! thanks for sharing these fun new stencils with us!


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