Thursday, February 18, 2016

Twirl among the petals and dance between the lines with new 9x12 stencils by Carol Dube and Trish McKinney

A dancer from stencil L419 is in the upper left, the other 2 dancers are from L418.

How do you look at art? Carol (the StencilClub coordinator) here, and I must wax philosophic having looked at these quite different journal covers, Carolyn Dube's  (above) by Trish McKinney's (below).

It has always been interesting to me to look at a piece of art and see what I see, but it was not until a few years ago that it dawned on me through a conversation with the artist that what my heart (in that case) responded to, was almost opposite to what the artist was thinking as she created the piece. That fact, at least for me, makes art all the more intriguing be it evident or indistinct.

Feast your eyes and breathe in the art. 

Learning to Dance L419 designed by Carolyn Dube

Designer Carolyn Dube says: "After watching a classical ballet performance, I was struck by all the effort, the hard work, and the commitment that goes in to being a dancer- ballet or any other kind for that matter.  It got me thinking about how that applies to life too.  You have to commit to making your life the life you want. It takes effort, it takes work, but it is also full of fun and joy and incredible moments."

Mask and Stencil!
The masks of 6 dancers are included with 
The Dance of This Life L418 designed by Carolyn Dube! 

I'm ready to make my stencils spin, leap and twirl. Are you?

Perhaps your muse leans more towards the abstract...

The Petals and Ripples L429 stencil came to be as artist Trish McKinney sat amidst the flowers in her front yard.

The Petals and Ripples L429 stencil makes The Oasis rich and delicate.

Trish says, "Oasis is part of my Metamorphosis Collection which began about six years ago and is my statement to the world about how I see transforming and evolving as a catalyst for great beauty and timeless wisdom.

"And is this not true for all artists and their life's work?" 

The twig spines add a natural complement as well as contrast to the shimmering metallic paint.

Trish also used Line Waves L431 stencil (above) in these softcover books. 

Do you ever stencil portrait of you children? Trish does.
Here, she used her Grid Waves L430 stencil to add dimension.

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What is your muse saying right now? 
Is your muse shouting? 


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