Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Guest Designer Tallulah Jade Rainbow

Dear friends!
This is rather unusual art lesson from my personal teacher of fearless art – Tallulah Jade Rainbow. She just turned 4 in January and was painting in this style since she was 1. While observing her for 3 years I have learned to let go of my attachment to outcome, I learned to take risks, to play and be free. Although she is an abstract artist and I paint faces – principles of fearless art are the same. We share the same passion for stencils, especially StencilGirl Products, and hey – we are not getting paid to say that. We just love stencilling and that is the truth! I hope you enjoy this class and have fun creating!

Instructions for this class from Tallulah:
  1. Go large.
  2. Imagine a story.
  3. Play.
  4. Play more.
  5. Get covered in paint.
  6. Sing and dance in between.
  7. Go for it.
  8. Really go for it.
  9. Never mind the outcome.
  10. Layer.
  11. Experiment.
  12. Make lots of random marks.
  13. Accidents are always happy.
  14. Have fun!
  15. Don’t forget the stencils!

Supplies list:
Old shoes and clothing to wear
Large canvas (the bigger the better)
Acrylics: heavy body and pourable
Acrylic spray inks
Stencils and stamp tools
Sponge, palette knife, brushes
Plastic cups and squeegee bottles to pour acrylics
Rag to wipe hands
Bucket with water to through in dirty tools during the process

Stencil used for this demonstration:

Stencils used for other artworks shown at the end of the video:

Tallulah Jade Rainbow Hamman in collaboration with her mother artist Annie Hamman are having a fun covered in paint online workshop on 29th of February 2016 “Fearless Expression.” More info here:


  1. I love watching Tallulah paint,such joy and a brave mom. Just before I watched this I had a paint explosion. I was painting in my LR and the top exploded off my distress paint, it is on the couch, my arms pants, shirt, everywhere. I had to stop and decided to check in with SG. I feel like this was a message at the perfect time. Thank you Tallulah!

  2. Thank you Denise! Oh well, definitely a message! Time to have fun and get covered! :)

  3. Tallulah taught me a lot about being free and loose. I am going to watch this video often. Excellent work and the joy and release touches me deeply. ghoagland (at) msn (dot com).

    1. Thank you Glenda, watching her paint touches me too. I also want to be that free!

  4. Thank you for choosing Tangled Pods as one of your stencils for this lively artwork!

  5. This is fantastic... and what an inspiration! Tallulah's work is so random yet so thoughtful. I love that this mom lets her have so much fun with paint!

    1. We have lots of fun creating, Tallulah and me! Thank you Cathy!

  6. That's a tough act to follow! Amazing young artist. Amazing artist.

    1. lol! Not as tough as it looks. You have to try! :)

  7. Oh my gosh, I so loved this. I was surprised and amazed and I could relate!! Thank you so much for sharing Tallulah's painting & stenciling process with us. ❤

    1. Thank you Lenna, I am so glad it touched you. We love the freedom of this process.

  8. Nobody throws paint like Tallulah. She is freedom and fearlessness personified. ❤️

    1. Thank you for such beautiful comment! I definitely cannot throw paint like her!

  9. She HAS to be related to Jackson Pollock!


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