Friday, April 8, 2016

Peg Robinson: Upcycled Binder/Box Tutorial

Hello! Peg Robinson here! My project today starts out as so many of mine do...with repurposing a no longer loved item. I love to upcycle and reuse items that would otherwise become trash. That is probably what attracts me to Seth Apter’s art. Seth uses found objects in his creations and I love his art images. Check out StencilGirl for more of Seth’s work.
Working with an old computer book that was ready for the recycle bin, I first reinforced the sleeve with cloth athletic tape. This adds strength and a bit of dimension.
This layer is followed up with a layer of black gesso on the sleeve and the binder insert.
Next is stenciling with Seth’s awesome stencil line.
I created texture by using a texture gel mixed with acrylic paints to colorized the medium. The mixture was spread on the components glued to the front of the sleeve as well as applied through the stencils.
To finish, I used Color Bloom sprays and a few metal embellishments.

I have a video of some of my process for you here:
Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed this project.
Peg head.jpg
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  1. Cool project Peg :) Congrats on being a featured artist on stencil talk!

  2. I LOVE this box!!! Pure delight!!!

  3. Great project <3 Congrats on being the featured artist! Love StencilGirl :)

  4. Oh what a fantastic project Peg! And you have lit my creative furnace because I have an old binder box sitting on my shelf looking all old and forlorne... Me thinks it's Makeover time! Thank you for sharing your wonderful creative-ness with all of us!!

  5. Wow. I love everything about this -- the colors, the layers, the texture and all the grunge! Wonderful Peg.

  6. Love love love this project. Great video too.


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