Wednesday, April 13, 2016

StencilGirl Home Decor Tutorial with Kristie Taylor

Hi everyone!!
My name is Kristie Taylor, and I am super excited to be making a guest post for StencilGirl!
I LOVE stencils they are a major staple in my craft stash. I have collected stencils since I first started in the crafting world, so as you can imagine, I have a large collection! 
But as soon as I tried StencilGirl stencils, it was a match made in heaven! They are the perfect thickness and can be used in so many different mediums; it makes it easy to create awesome projects!

Today I decided to go with something completely different and use my StencilGirl
stencils to create a home decor canvas.
Here is my finished project:
As you can see, I wanted to create something warm and beachy.
It really very easy, although it did take a little time because of drying.
Let me show you how I did this, so then you can use your StencilGirl stencils and your favorite paints, and make yourself something warm and beachy too!

1. Use a palette knife to spread Modeling paste through a Andrew Borloz's Waves and Scallops stencil:

2. Use a palette knife to spread Imagine crafts Creative medium through Andrew Borloz's Waves and Scallops stencil again onto the canvas.

3. Once creative medium is dry, paint over it with a coat of Gesso; this will help subsequent layers of paint to stick.

4. Use a palette knife to spread super heavy gloss gel through Mary Beth Shaw's Let's Get Cellular stencil and over the remaining surface of the canvas.

It should now look something like this:

5. Use a heat tool to dry the gloss gel, it will bubble up a bit, and that's okay. :)

6. Drip some Phalo Turquoise fluid acrylic around the center square of the canvas and use a brush to spread it out.

7. Drip some Phalo Green fluid acrylic around the next section of the canvas. Use a brush to spread it out, and leave some room around the outside edge.

8. Drip some Teal fluid acrylic around the outside edge of the canvas and over the edges.

9. Spray the wet paint with a Glitter spray, I used Art anthology "Ice" and use a sponge to blend the colors.

10. Paint the inside of the square with Phalo Green fluid acrylic.

11. Drip Quinacridone nickle azo gold fluid acrylic around the edges of the canvas, spray with glitter spray, then tilt the canvas to allow the gold paint to run and move.

12. Use fingertips to apply Decoart metallic rubs onto some of the raised designs.

13. Apply tacky glue to the raised portions of the stenciled design, heat slightly with a heat tool just until tacky.

14. Apply gold foil (I used Indigoblu flitterflake) to the tacky glue and allow to set until the glue completely dries. Then use a soft brush to brush away the extra flakes.

15. I added some netting, some beads and some seashells to the center with a strong adhesive.

16. I then added beads to the outside edges.

17. Apply some glue to random spots around the canvas and sprinkle glitter.

That's it,! You're finished!
Just a few simple steps and we have a beautiful new decoration for your home, or to give as a gift.
Here are some detail shots for your viewing pleasure. :)

Thank you so very much for visiting StencilGirl Talk today!
I hope you like my creation and I've inspired you to use your stencils in new and creative ways!

Now go throw some paint through some awesome stencils and make some amazing something!
 Kristie Taylor


  1. AWESOME work, friend! Congratulations on the guest post. You knocked it out of the park.

  2. This is SO beautiful! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous 3D technique!

  3. Wow, so beautiful! Loving all that texture!

  4. What a Stunning Creation !Thanks for sharing the steps :)

    1. your welcome! if you makes something similiar, i would love to see it!

  5. I love this project. What a great home decor piece...and Congratulations on the guest post...well deserved my friend!!!

  6. Wow, live this beach home decor! Thanks!

  7. Love your project! My favorite colors!


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