Monday, May 2, 2016

Dimensional Stenciling with Jacqueline Sullivan

Hi! Jacqueline Sullivan here! I love the look of a dimensional pattern over a collage or a painting. I frequently use stencils to add that pattern. And usually my medium of choice is light molding paste. But if I add color to the molding paste, I get a pastel because the paste is white. And if I paint the molding paste after the application I risk messing up the collage or painting underneath.  While messing about in the studio the other day I was doing a transfer with Heavy Gel Medium. It was thick stuff. The light bulb went on and I asked the infamous “what if” question. WHAT IF I stenciled with this stuff? Would it hold the dimension and shape? I knew that I could add color to it because it dries clear and so the color would show well. And so, I pulled out my favorite Golden Iridescents and started mixing. Sure enough, the mixture of Heavy Gel Medium and paint held its shape well enough that I could stencil with it. The patterns are not quite as sharply defined as they would be with molding paste, but sometimes sharp definition separates the pattern too much from the painting! I REALLY liked the way that this worked with the deli paper collage underneath it.  And it dried to a beautiful dimensional metallic. And so a new process was born! Here is a short video to illustrate the process: 

Watch on YouTube.

Warm regards,
Jacqueline Sullivan


  1. I've followed your work for years, Jacqueline, and hope someday you will give workshops in the central NJ area! I have your DVD and look forward to a new one being released! Thanks for this video -- it's nice to see you here at StencilGirl!


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