Saturday, June 18, 2016

NEW stencils from Pam Carriker, Andrew Borloz and Cecilia Swatton

StencilGirl Products is delighted to bring you a bevy (and by that we mean 9) of new stencils designed by Andrew Borloz, Pam Carriker, and Cecilia Swatton.

Just look at the views!

Designer Andrew Borloz often enjoys trips to the Delaware River Hudson River valleys, as well as to historic buildings in New Jersey, New York, eastern Pennsylvania, and New England where there were a lot of Dutch and colonial influences on the rural architecture.  

Some of the historic "museum" villages were actually a collection of the buildings that were moved from different locations - many of them were slated for demolition. In this case, these "villages" often have different architectural styles from different time periods - some are built mostly of stone or wood. Andrew had several images in his head of these rural buildings and them together from memory as a montage.

The stencil design below was influenced by what Andrew saw over the East Side neighborhood of NYC while walking on the bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan. 

It was also infuenced by what he saw from the top of a contemporary art museum near the Soho district.
In addition to being in these urban environments, Andrew says he was also inspired by the artist Stuart Davis' style of abstract city environments.

The colors Andrew chose to use with his City Buildings stencil truly gives each city its own vibe. What colors will enhance your city?

There are several locations within northern New Jersey where one can enjoy on a clear day a vista of either urban landscape or tree-covered hills with Manhattan skyline as a backdrop. These vistas and the summer camp surroundings of Andrew's youth were a source of inspiration for his Rural City Mountainscape stencil. 

Use this versatile stencil as you wish ~ whole or in segments.

Check out Andrew's blog for tutorials with these stencils and more!

An expressive face

The Female Face 6 stencil by Pam Carriker was inspired by Pam's desire to have a face stencil to work with which could represent either a man or a woman (despite the stencil's name, it absolutely works for either gender!) 

This particular type of face stencil is something not easily found in among currently available mixed media products. The design of this stencil gives you the opportunity to represent a large spectrum of emotion in your work. 

From someone going through a hard time, to boredom, to a purely neutral expression. This powerful imagery allows you to speak volumes on the pages of your art journal, or through painting, collage, mixed media, and more.

Feathered pairs

Take flight or swim across the globe with designer Cecilia Swatton's bird stencils. 

Pair o' Parrots sprang from her love for birds. She is enchanted by the graceful curves that flow together in their silhouettes.

Penguin Family evolved from the special place held in her heart for Emperor penguins, those majestic yet clownish birds that live in total devotion to their eggs and chicks.

Cranes are elegant creatures in Cecilia's eyes... even as feather literally fly during the courting ritual, that energetic wing flapping communicates romantic messages from one heart to another. 

Cecilia has two more: L433 Clustered Leaves and L434 Loopy Ladders, are each 9"x12" companion stencils.

Clustered Leaves was inspired by the intricate rhythms of line-work found in hand-carved batik stamps handmade in India. 

The genesis of Loopy Ladders was Cecilia's love of line-work.

Cecilia will have follow-up posts on her Heartwork blog through about the end of the month, but here is one to get you started today

We hope you have discovered something that tickled your creative muse and made you say "wow". All the newest StencilGirl stencils are waiting for you right HERE


  1. Amazing additions to the collection, makes my head spin!

  2. well you ALL knocked it right out of the ball park...

  3. Super excited about all of these !!!

  4. I'm certainly in good company -- Pam and Andrew! Wooo-hoooo!


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