Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Infinite Line, a stencil tutorial with June Pfaff Daley

L439 9x12 inch Stripes stencils designed by June Pfaff Daley as part of her Fireworks series.

Straight. Solid. Predictable. Line is a design fundamental. I designed this stencil with the intent that it also be a stencil fundamental. When used intentionally, this stencil will allow for 4 different line weights that can stretch from your drawing board to infinity all perfectly straight and connected based on one baseline. Here's how it works:

Draw a baseline with a pencil. This penciled line will keep your stenciled lines straight.

Note the little holes on the stencil below each line grouping. This are centering tools to keep your lines from going all wonky. Simply center the holes over the baseline. Stencil away.

Reposition your stencil to make longer lines, again, centering the circles over the baseline.

At this point feel free to erase the baseline. Continue your pattern by aligning the stencil over the previously stenciled lines. All of your subsequent lines will now be perfectly straight.

Enjoy experimenting with a variety of line weights. Overlap colors to create an intricately weaved pattern. And of course you can choose perfectly straight line connections or something more organic. I'd love to see all the ways you incorporate this stencil into your art.

June Pfaff Daley


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