Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Flowers In Her Hair, an Art Journal Page with Two Stencils by Cindy Gilstrap

Welcome to Creative Team Tuesday! I'm Cindy and can't wait to share my fun art journal page with you.

Being creative can mean so many different things. One of the ways I express my creativity is through art journaling. It's a perfect quick creative outlet where there are really no rules.

I love that I can just play and be messy and discover new things. I love to play with paint combinations, marks, patterns, and of course stencils! This art journal page was a result of just playing and having fun.

Here are my steps for creating "Flowers In Her Hair".

I started by applying two colors of paint with a palette knife.

I then had fun adding more colors with pink paint and mark making with neon oil pastels.

Time to play with stencils. I added Abigail, A Timeless Woman in black.

Abigail looks amazing on her own but the fun thing about stencils is you can add and layer things. So I decided to give her the start of some hair with the Random Circles stencil.
9" x 12" L071

Next I added a thin layer of white gesso to her face to give it a unified color. I didn't worry about covering up the random marks on her face. I think they add fun and unexpected interest.

Then I added detail to her hair and painted lots of bright flowers around the stenciled circles.

For the final steps I added more detail to her face and the flowers with paint markers and pens.

I had so much creating this fun Timeless Woman art journal page! She is full of color!

Have fun playing in your art journals with your stencils! You can find me at Junque Art. Please stop by and say hi anytime!



  1. Loving this! Such a free spirit you have, sigh. Thanks for the step outs. I am going to try to do something like this with your help. I am new to stencils and journals and paint. hugs

  2. I tried this tonight. It was so much fun. Thank you for the inspiration.

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