Thursday, October 13, 2016

June Pfaff Daley and Cecilia Swatton Designed New Stencils!

Check out the new stencils!
There's a sweet little turtle hiding under the foliage! Of course this could happen in your garden or your art journal or in any of the stenciled projects you have in mind.

Here's what Cecilia and June created with their newest stencils:

Blooming Where Planted, Fantasia, and It's a Jungle Out There

Blooming Where Planted L449
Blooming Where Planted was a joy to create because, for Cecilia, "it celebrates not only the bloom of flowers but, even more, the bloom of ideas, dreams and promises.  I love the “secret heart” that appears in the largest section of this 3-part 9”x12” stencil."

Cecilia used all 3 of  her new stencils in the artwork below:

Fantasia L450
Fantasia is a 9”x12” stencil that emerged after Cecilia visited Longwood Gardens, near Philadelphia, where a conservatory houses alien-like plants that defy belief – until seen in person. "They are fantastic in every sense of the word!"

It's a Jungle Out There L451
A visit to Longwood Gardens, near Philadelphia, gave birth to It’s a Jungle Out There.  

This tropical 9”x12” stencil pairs nicely with Cecilia's 6”x6” stencil Mimosa (S126) and/or my 9”x12” stencil Mimosa (L141) as shown below:

Majestic Sea Turtle Quick Tutorial!

6" x 6" Majestic Sea Turtle S417


1) Gather a flattish rock and a stencil of choice.
2) Stencil the rock with gesso so that paint color stands out. Let dry.
3) Stencil over the gesso with paint. You can line up the stencil exactly or let a bit of the white show for highlights. Let dry.
4) Seal the rock with several coats of a polyurethane sealer.

How cute is that!
Doesn't it make you want to add stenciled rocks to your planters or gardens?
June's Majestic Sea Turtle also comes in a large size.


  1. Awesome new stencils! The turtle rock really "rocks" my world! I know what my gardening neighbor is getting for Christmas!!

    1. I knew this stencil had your name on it Gerrie Johnic!!!! Octopus needs a friend!

    2. I knew this stencil had your name on it Gerrie Johnic!!!! Octopus needs a friend!

  2. totally cool! Longwood Gardens can be quite inspiring! And had I known Cecilia was going to visit there, I could have met her as I live just 15 minutes away! ;)


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