Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Make Art Outside Your Art Journal with Karen Gaunt

Hi Everyone! It’s Karen here again with another Team Tuesday post for you! I can’t believe how quick the year is moving along can you? And we all know the dreaded “C” word is coming closer and closer don’t we? Well never fear, I’m here with a nice little tutorial that could easily be put to good use making some nice little handmade gifts in advance so you’re not panicking at the last minute!

I’m all about making Art in my journal but it really makes me sad sometimes to make something really wonderful and then show my husband and daughter and promptly shut the book. So I’m always looking for new ways to bring my Art outside of my journal. When I saw this magnetic photo paper in my Art supply store I had a light bulb moment.

Now I know you can get self adhesive magnetic sheets which would be even better but I didn’t have access to them and honestly I’m so fed up having to order things online and wait (I have no patience) I decided to use what I had and it worked just fine wouldn’t you know?

So to start I pulled out the Gelli Plate and made some prints using different colors of paint. I just went with colors I like but if you’re going to be making for someone in particular you could totally customize it.

As my magnets are not going to be very big I won’t need a lot of paper. So I’ve just cut up my prints and stenciled over the top in sections to give me a wide range of choices for decorating the magnets.

I’m working with Wall of words and Circles Layer Me by Carolyn Dube

Wall of Words Stencil by Carolyn DubeCircles Layer Me Stencil by Carolyn Dube

And Gears and Web Stencil by Mary Beth herself!

I've cut paper shapes out and adhered the paper to the magnetic sheet using double sided tape. I'd recommend using a dry adhesive like this for the project, you want to have the items adhered straight away and stuck firmly.

Remember these magnets need to be able to hold themselves up so don't make them too top heavy with embellishments. I've added some layers with pieces of the papers I made and some book text as well. I've gone with a heart and a rectangle here, the circle is coming up next!

I wanted to have some with a positive quote so I can see it everyday on our fridge door. I used a tiny alphabet stamp set which I think is one of my all time favorite tools.

I made this one for my daughter. She's so sweet and always making me little cards and drawings and presents. I wanted to make something special for her too. I went over the top of her letters with some glossy accents to give them some depth.

I finished of the rectangle with a dictionary cutting, is there anything better than a dictionary definition for ephemera!? I love using them!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it encourages you to take your Art outside of your journal.



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