Friday, October 7, 2016

Stenciling Shoes – Fancy stenSOLES!

Stenciling Shoes – Fancy stenSOLES!
by Martice Smith II

Hi everyone! Martice here, sharing a quick way to liven up your the insides of your shoes. These gorgeous, six-inch stencils are perfect for this kind of project. Slip your toes into a pair of shoes that already has the party started!

Through simple stenciling techniques, you can incorporate your whimsy personality along with some fun pep in your step. Let’s get started!
Supplies to gather:

Hash Marks by Mary Beth Shaw

  • Store-bought shoe insoles
  • Cotton fabric
  • Iron-on fabric adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Variety of acrylic paint colors (DecoArt: Quin. Magenta, Saffron Yellow, Pyrolle Red, Blue)
  • Sponge (Cosmetic wedges are perfect for this project - Sponge pouncers are great, as well)
  • Masking tape, optional (use to mask off parts of a stencil)
STEP 1 // Stencil the fabric
Stencil with a cosmetic wedge in a plum color. Make your stenciling go off the fabric. Don’t just stop at the edge of the fabric. (You want it to look like a continuous pattern instead of an abrupt stop in the design.)

I love the simplicity in the hash mark design. Notice that the lines aren’t perfectly straight - some of them are slightly curvier than others, while other lines are thick and thin. Great and unexpected line variety!

I love to mix up and layer colors! Instead of having a flat, solid color, I decided to work in layers.
Pictured above, I stenciled with a mixture of red and orange as my first layer. Then, I came back in and stenciled right on top of that layer with light yellow.

STEP 2 // Use the insole as template to cut out the fabric and iron-on adhesive.

STEP 3 // Place the adhesive on the insole and place the fabric on top. Iron as directed by the instructions on the adhesive packaging.

STEP 4 // Trim the stenciled fabric insoles to fit your shoes.
Side note: If you hear a high pitched squeal, you’ll have to forgive me...aren’t these baby shoes
adorable?! Who can resist ‘em?

Other ideas you may want to try:
  • Do you have any scraps of fabric or collage papers stacked up in a corner somewhere? Drag them out for this project!
  • Use bright, solid colors for instant happiness
  • Paint in metallic colors for some bling

Thank you for visiting us today!
I hope you enjoy making your very own, fancy stenSOLES!


Martice Smith II is an internationally published artist + creative director of
Martice Smith II – Illustration & Design Studio, based in Missouri.

Martice combines traditional mixed-media + digital techniques with her love for fashion, typography and wildlife, infusing her illustrations with her bold, urban style.
Follow Martice as she mentors you on how to create with an expressive, free-style spirit while developing the artistic lifestyle + biz you envision for yourself. Discover more tutorials on her blog!


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