Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tiger Lily Daydream Painting

Hello stencil lovers! Kristie Taylor here with a new stencil adventure to show you.

I used some of my favorite Stencilgirl stencils to create this painting that I call: 

"Tiger Lily Daydream"

Its actually pretty easy, it only takes a few simple steps.
Let's get started!
I used some beautiful inks by Daler Rowney. They are iridescent and so yummy!
Anyways, I digress... spread them out onto an Ampersand Gesso board.

I used my fingers to spread the inks and do some blending.

Then I used a Catalyst tool, to add some texture.

Now sit it aside to dry.... I know! I hate waiting too, 
but the ink needs to be completely dry before the next step.

Next step, Use the Bubbles stencil by Lizzie Mayne and Krylon Fluorescent pink spray paint.

Then, use the large stencil from December 2015 StencilClub.

I dabbed on some of the pink iridescent ink with my smudgee and the 
Mandala 1 stencil by Mary Beth Shaw.

Then, the Trivot A 9 by Cecilia Swatton with Fluorescent orange.

kay, let all that dry for a bit, then use a palette knife to spread Absorbent Ground 
through the Bloom True Stencil by Flora Bowley. 

And the Eucalyptus Blooms stencil By Jane LaFazio.

 I used my brush to fill in the stems and to make sure there was a nice smooth finish.

Now this has to dry completely before the next step, so I let mine dry overnight.

I then used a combination of watercolor crayons and Distress crayons to color the Tiger lilly.

and a Stabilo Black water soluble pencil for shading.

Just keep adding layers until you are happy with the way the flower looks.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!


  1. Gorgeous!! Love the bright colorful background and the flowers are beautiful!

  2. That's so beautiful Kristie loved the steps you shared as well. Super inspiring ❤❤❤


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