Thursday, March 30, 2017

Bohemian Rhapsody with Sherri Welser!

Hi, everyone! Sherri Welser here!

There is nothing like a great pair of comfy jeans and for an artist that is a blank canvas to be explored!
I love the Boho Vibe so I decided to take these jeans on an artsy Bohemian journey!

Pair of jeans
Gwen Lafleur's Decorative Medallion stencil
Lumiere Fabric Paint in Metallic Copper
Liquitex Paint Pen in Gold
Stencil brush and paper plate to work the paint on
Glitter glue
Black paint (optional)
1)      Decide where you would like to place your stencil.
I placed mine on the right hand side (top of the pant leg) and at the very bottoms.
2)      Lay down the stencil and secure if needed with painter’s tape.
3)      Working with small amounts of paint and working it onto the brush apply lightly to the stencil and work in to the jeans being careful not to bump or get paint under the stencil as you want to get a sharp image. I usually do several light layers to build up the color instead of a big amount of paint up front.

4)      Remove stencil and move to the other areas and let dry.

5)      Heat set the paint with an iron and a towel over the design.
Several times going over it on medium-high would be enough.
6)      I then painted the gold areas in loosely with the Liquitex paint pen.
7)      I also outlined with the gold pen around the gold paint to add some depth.
8)      At this point you can either add small rhinestones with a Bejeweled heat tool or as I did just add some glitter dots on the design. The glitter glues gives a pretty sparkle effect without the extra work of the tool and rhinestones, but the choice is yours.

9)      On the back pocket I also added some black dots of paint to bring a bit more interest.

10)  I added some glitter glue here and there to give it a bit of fairy dust effect.

I hope you enjoy creating some fun artwork on your jeans using StencilGirl stencils!!

Sherri Welser

IndigoEarth and WildHeart Art Studios


  1. Oh my goodness, I love this! So cool - I especially love the touches on the bottom of the pant legs. Awesome!

  2. BIG Wowza! Luvin' what you did to those jeans, and yes...the bottom of the pant legs really rock!

  3. What wonderful techniques. Thanks for the giveaway.


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