Thursday, May 11, 2017

Wedding Season Painting by StencilGirl Artist Jennifer Evans

Wedding Season is nearly upon us, and we are delighted to have StencilGirl Artist Jennifer Evans on the blog today sharing her project using two of her stencils: Woodland Blackbird and Woodland Floral Wreath.

Here is her process:

1.) Using an 8” x 10" canvas, make a small pencil mark at the center (4") for where the birds will meet in the middle. Flip the stencil so it's backwards, and stencil the bird and the branch he's sitting on, in a brown neutral paint. 
2.) Clean the stencil, then do the reverse and make a mirror image of the bird.
3.) Using the wreath stencil, choose the top 1/3 of the wreath and stencil the flowers and vines under the birds. With a pencil, draw in a heart shape. (The points of the heart should align with the center, where the birds' beaks meet.) Fill in the background with an acrylic wash. I used a blush pink, mixed with water, so that when it dried I could still see the stencil brown paint outlines.
4.) Paint in the flowers, heart and birds. Stencil the word "Love" from the Wreath stencil over the center of the heart.
5.) *Optional step: I wanted an aged, sort of "Stand the Test of Time" look to the piece, so I antiqued it. Water down a neutral brown paint so it's the consistency of tea, and cover the whole project with the wash. Blot some of the color with a paper towel, until you achieve the desired effect.
Happy Wedding Season!

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